Antique Bisque Dolls – Quick Tips On Cleaning

Bisque Doll Cleaning

Cleaning an antique doll can be a complex task, mainly because they are fragile and easily damaged. However, even though it is not easy to maintain bisque dolls, they are considered collectible items. In Edmond, OK, you will find many collectors who have bisque dolls.

Bisque Doll – An Introduction

Many people don’t know about bisque dolls. Commonly mistaken for porcelain dolls, bisque dolls are made of unglazed porcelain. It is this unglazed finish that bestows upon the dolls a natural look. However, unglazed porcelain is very fragile and thus gets damaged easily. This is why it is important to take extremely good care while cleaning the dolls. Many cleaning experts of Edmond highlight the importance of careful cleaning when it comes to bisque dolls. Because bisque is extremely fragile, the makers of the dolls create only the heads with bisque. The bodies are usually made from cloth or leather.

Cleaning Preparation

Before the actual cleaning process, make sure to get yourself prepared. You need to take measures lest the doll falls. You must lay multiple layers of towels on a table,  which should be a large surface that can accommodate the doll. All cleaning services in Edmond, OK advises doll collectors to wear rubber gloves, as oil from their skin might damage the surface of the doll.

If you are not comfortable wearing gloves, you must be careful not to touch the doll more than absolutely necessary. It might be better to hire someone for the service.

Cleaning the Doll

You will need a soft cloth and warm water to clean the doll. Make sure that the cloth does not drip with water when you begin the cleaning process. It is important that you use gentle pressure on the doll to clean the dust and dirt away. In case of a thick layer of dust, you will have to use multiple strokes to clean your bisque doll. After the dirt is wiped away, you need to pat the doll dry. However, because it is a complex procedure, you should always try to get professional help.