Green Cleaning Services: The Next Change to Your Home

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Our daily household work is full of chores, from preparing meals to sending children to school to making a presentation for a client meeting. Among all of these things, when it comes to cleaning the home, we completely depend on products that are offered by stores.

When our bathroom cleaner runs out, we visit the nearest store and grab the most colorful bottle. It seems to be the most promising one because the design is striking, or the advertisement says so. Do we ever read the ingredients written in smaller fonts on the back of the bottle, or do we cross-check those ingredients?

If we do so, we will notice that there are lots of chemicals, including paraben and silicon, that are quite harmful to our health. They are the reason you get a skin rash, irritation, or red or burning eyes after cleaning your home. Although these chemicals work to deep clean your home, they do have a number of side effects on human and animal health, not to mention on the environment. That is why Home Maid Better’s professional house cleaning services always encourage cleaning with the natural products.

The Damaging Effects of Synthetic Cleaning Products:


We use a wide array of cleaners including soaps, scents, bleach, wood polishers, fabric softeners, etc. To keep our homes sparkling, odor-free and squeaky clean, we often welcome toxic cleaners. They might make the home gleam, but you and your family can get skin rashes, irritations, chemical burns, watery or red eyes, or other types of negative reactions, including breathing problems.

In some cases, the cleaners do not have any immediate negative impact, but they do create health hazards in the long run. Due to these chemicals, residents might have bowel problems or issues in the throat or esophagus. Cleaning chemicals can even can pose a threat to the lungs. At times, people can develop asthma or infertility.

The fragrances that are added to fabric softeners, detergents or bleach are such substances that can cause respiratory problems, headaches, sneezing, etc. due to components such as ammonia, diethanolamine and triethanolamine. They can also cause neurological problems.

Apart from the health hazards, these toxic chemicals have negative impacts on the earth. Typically, after cleaning the house, we pour the used cleaning products down the drain, and they get discharged into nearby water sources. Then they start affecting aquatic life and the water itself. A study in 2002 conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey found water to contain 69 percent of disinfectants, which are equally harmful to wildlife and human health.

The substances nonylphenol ethoxylates and octylphenol ethoxylates present in laundry detergent, floor cleaners and bathroom cleaners immediately break down into the toxic nonylphenol and octylphenol, which are not biodegradable. These substances not only pollute the water, stop algae growth and inhibit fish spawning, but they are also a concern for land in regards to fertilization.

Benefits of Natural Cleaners

On the other side of the coin are environmentally friendly cleaners. Our cleaning services in OKC strictly oppose the use of such chemical cleaners. Why should you choose natural cleaners over harsh cocktails of chemicals?

  • First, it creates a healthy home. The person doing the cleaning as well as the family both get to be in a good environment without any ill effects on their health. While toxic sprays increase the risk of asthma, the natural alternatives are free from any such threats.
  • Natural cleaners are completely safe for the environment. When discharged into the air and water, they cause no harm, including to the ozone layer, and thus are the perfect choice for slowing global climate change.
  • If you accidently inhale natural cleaning products, you will probably not develop asthma or a skin or eye irritation.
  • Natural cleaners are likely already present in your kitchen. You can use lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, etc. for many cleaning tasks. These items are less expensive and always easily available.

Green professional house cleaning services are more prevalent these days, as health is becoming a primary concern. Widespread awareness spread by cleaning companies is helping people think more about the environment. Remember that your little changes and small contributions will not only make a big difference in your personal life but also help bring about a better world.