How the Commercial & Residential Cleaning Process Is Different

Professional Cleaners

Keeping an Edmond or OKC residence clean is a foremost duty of any homeowner, and it is a mandatory part of one’s health and hygiene routine too. You most likely take care of your house in a certain way and clean it often to keep it free from dirt. But the processes usually followed for any residential cleaning are mostly manual and simple. So when you call professional cleaning services, the result you get is surely outstanding. We’ve put together the following post to help you understand the difference between commercial and domestic cleaning processes.


Commercial cleaning services in OKC and Edmond mainly work for large commercial or government buildings like offices, banks, stores, schools, and supermarkets. On the other hand, the processes you use for domestic cleaning are perfect for small places like a residential apartment.


The next difference between these two kinds of cleaning is commercial cleaners use expensive materials and professional-grade tools to clean such big places, while on the other hand, domestic cleaning is done by less expensive liquid cleaners and tools.


Cleaning services in Edmond and OKC usually clean commercial buildings during quieter hours when the places are not being used, unlike households, which can be cleaned anytime depending upon the wishes of the homeowner.

Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming is the most popular and safest method of carpet cleaning for domestic purposes. A vacuum cleaner sucks up the dirt left on the top layer of the carpet and prevents it from reaching the deeper layer.

On the other hand, the best commercial cleaning services in Edmond and OKC use steam cleaning to remove dirt from the deeper layer of the carpet. They spray hot water mixed with a cleaning solution, and then the dirty water is sucked from the carpet to clean it from the core. Also, the use of dry cleaning is a quite popular commercial carpet cleaning method. within this method, dry compounds such as emulsifiers and detergent are mixed into a solvent so dirt and stains come out of the carpet.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are much more efficient and powerful than domestic vacuum cleaners, so they suck the debris out of the carpet more effectively.

Floor Scrubbing

Mops, buckets, and hand buffers are mostly used in hard floor scrubbing for residential purposes. This is the simples manner of cleaning any household in Edmond or OKC. However, commercial cleaners in Edmond and OKC use more significant and powerful machines to clean, scrub and polish a hard floor.

Window Cleaning

In residential cleaning, you probably clean your windows with a bottle of window cleaning solution, a paper towel, and water. This is a bit of a time-intensive process, but you can rely upon it because it cleans the windows in a sure-shot way.

The tools used by commercial cleaners to clean the windows of commercial buildings are many. A roller is needed to dispense the cleaning solution or detergent. Then it is mopped with microfiber cloths and squeegees. High windows are cleaned with a jet washing system.

Mopping and cleaning are not complicated jobs, but when commercial cleaning services in Edmond and OKC take it on, they do it in a more efficient and professional manner.