How to Restore a Water Damaged Carpet

Carpets are much more than mere pieces of fabric that we use to cover our floors. They are excellent means to decorate homes and workstations. Carpet patterns and colors reflect your taste of fashion and inclination toward class and style. Interior designers around the world love to experiment with carpets and use them in multiple ways to enhance the beauty and comfort of your room.

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Unfortunately, since carpets lie under our feet, they are often ignored. Rough usage and negligence regarding carpet cleaning can cause irreversible damage to the carpet. However, there are several instances when it is possible to restore a carpet that has been damaged by water. To do this, you need to follow some DIY techniques and call experts in carpet cleaning service in Oklahoma City for the best results.

Water is life, but spilled water can prove disastrous for the life of your carpet. Water can penetrate inside the fibers of your carpet, making it smelly, contaminated and filthy. Moreover, if you have pets, then the situation can be even worse. Depending upon the extent of water penetration in the carpet fibers and the length of time for which the carpet has been wet, the steps listed below can help you help your carpet look like new soon.

  • The first step to follow if you wish to restore your carpet that has been damaged due to water is to track down the root cause of the damage. For this, you need to find out where the water is spilling from. In some cases, dirty water can spill from sewage pipeline leakage or an overflowing drain. If this is the case, you should discard the carpet right away, as severe contamination can cause health hazards. However, if your carpet has gotten wet because of clean water, then you can continue with the following steps.
  • In certain instances, pipeline leakages or damages in the main water line leads to dampening of floors and carpets. These unpleasant situations can be handled by turning off the main valve and calling an emergency plumber to fix up the issue.
  • Try to get the room emptied of all furniture if the carpet has gotten wet due to clean water spillage. Then you can try to dry it up with absorbent towels.
  • For the next step, you can use a box cutter to detach the wet portion of the carpet. This prevents mildew growth and maintains the longevity of your carpet. After removing the base padding, you can lift the carpet up and allow proper airflow to get it dried naturally.
  • Usually, people wishing to get their favorite carpets dried up quickly and easily employ industrial fans targeted toward the wet spots in the carpet. These giant fans are readily available at local DIY stores. It is important to ensure that your carpet is walked on as little as possible during the overall process of drying.
  • The process of drying a carpet calls for proper supervision at regular intervals. Experts in carpet cleaning in Edmond, OK, suggest keeping an eye on the carpet while drying it, as damp areas offer great breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Thus, you must ensure the fans are not turned off until the carpet is dried completely.

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  • Carpets are prone to several risks and hazards, and therefore, it is quite prudent to get them insured. If your carpet is already insured, then you must call the company and inform them about the damage. They can start taking action on their end once you provide the relevant information and necessary documentation.
  • Have you ever wondered whether dehumidifiers can help you restore your damaged carpets? Well, they can. After following the above steps, you can replace the dried carpet and use it as normal, but to be more confident, you should keep the dehumidifier turned on for a few days. This will remove any moisture left in the carpet.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to put back all the furniture so that your room looks attractive and feels comfortable. You can also hire professional carpet cleaning services in Oklahoma City to restore your water damaged carpet without hassles and worries.