How to Remove Spinach Dip Stains from Carpet

Creamed Spinach

Carpet stains are as horrible as an insect in your teacup. They are a shock for any homeowner, especially if you are awaiting guests. Even if guests do not notice the stain on your carpet, you will grow anxious thinking about the consequences if they did.

Not a single stain is welcome on your precious carpet, be it food, pet waste or spinach dip. Now, the last one may give you a headache anytime as it is pretty hard to remove. Spinach dip is delicious as food but notorious as a stain. You can try everything, but if you are not aware of the right methods, you are not going to get rid of it. However, this challenge can be overcome by some useful tips. Let’s check them out now:

  • The easiest way to remove a spinach dip stain is to scoop up the dip with a spoon immediately or if it has not yet dried up. Be careful that it doesn’t penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers. Then you can clean up the remaining dip using a wet cloth.
  • Cotton balls are not only good for makeup removal and skin cleansing, they have a powerful application in carpet cleaning as well. If the stain has dried and hardened, dip a cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol and dab it on the stain to make it easy to remove.
  • Cleaning solutions can be the best remedy for carpet stain removal. Add one teaspoon of clear ammonia to one cup of warm water, stir the ingredients well and pour the solution into an empty container. Let it sit for some time. Then, apply a small amount of the solution to the carpet, leave it for two to three minutes and then use a paper towel to blot it. You will notice the stain becoming lighter, ultimately vanishing completely. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is it will be some time before you can see any result, so be patient.

The best results can be achieved by rinsing the place where the stain had been with a glass of water. This will reduce any chances of residue remaining on the carpet. Then dab the area with a dry rag, and no mark or residue will remain. However, if the stain is pretty harsh and does not go away with the tips mentioned above, you can call a professional carpet cleaning service in Oklahoma City to get rid of it. Some food stains can be quite stubborn and not be removed at any cost. However, professional carpet cleaners possess all knowledge of removing such stains quite easily. They will use various chemicals to make your carpet as good as new. So, in case DIY efforts don’t work, the experts are always here to help you out.