Securely Clean Your Carpet with the Best in the Industry

There are so many reasons why you will want to routinely clean up your house to rid it of all sorts of dust and dirt that accumulate over time. No matter how careful you are, it is quite likely that some part of the mess will be made without much effort by natural forces such as wind, sun, and rain.

How to Securely Get the House Cleaned

Although the best option may seem to be to do the whole thing yourself, the vacuuming of carpets, cleaning of sofas and other cushions and pillows, etc. is cumbersome. In addition, the final result will lack all the thoroughness of a professional using state-of-the-art tools and techniques to turn the whole tedious and hassle-filled procedure into a more intrinsically advanced and convenient process.

Even routine cleaning of the home can become an ordeal, so for home cleaning without tears, call Home Maid Better. They provide the best carpet cleaning in Edmond, OK. The procedures and protocols they follow are far from simple, and they utilize all kinds of complex methods to ensure the end result is very professional and meets all the higher-end benchmarks of the industry.

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Carpet Cleaning in Edmond, OK: The Top 5 Methods

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning: This method is also known by the name of hot water extraction cleaning. The entire procedure involves high-pressure hot water to agitate the fibers of the carpet and dissolve the dirt and dust that have accumulated in it over time. Most companies, including Home Maid Better, recommend doing the carpet cleaning in the afternoon so that it can dry by the next morning and be of use the next day.
  • Shampooing: When shampooed, carpets will always have a residue or foam left behind, and this will obviously take many hours to dry. Because of this, carpet shampooing has fallen out of practice since the discovery of better methods beginning in the 1970s.
  • Foam Encapsulation: This method is one of the more popular among modern procedures for carpet cleaning in Edmond, OK. The method is also used by Home Maid Better. After the foam encapsulation is applied to the carpet, it is then allowed to chemically react to the dirt and dust, and then everything is vacuumed up. However, the limitation of this procedure is that it does not work well for heavy dirt.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: This is the weapon of choice for hotels. In bonnet cleaning, a machine with a spinning cleaner sucks the surface area of the carpet. The entire procedure is hassle-free and involves very little drying time. The shortcoming of this process is that it is able to clean the carpet only on the surface.
  • Dry Cleaning: One of the most prevalent methods in the world, dry cleaning involves the use of chemical compounds and machinery. First, chemical compounds are applied to the carpet and left to work their cleaning magic for a few minutes. Then everything is vacuumed up. The procedure is both safe and popular.

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Regardless of which method you prefer, if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Edmond, OK, don’t look beyond Home Maid Better.