5 Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year

Before the holidays and festivities, you have made lots of lists to arrange parties, decorate your home, prepare food and many other things. You must have also prepared a list for your New Year resolutions, right? Then, why not prepare a list for cleaning your home regularly? It will prevent you from being in a fix before any occasion or any sudden party planning.

We are not asking you to do the job on your own. In a busy life, where it is hard to get just a couple of hours to yourself, it is silly to waste it cleaning. Here is where you need apartment cleaning services.

But, to help them do their job right and let you not fuss about cleaning, here are five resolutions you can make in this New Years.

  • There are some regular cleaning tasks you can fit even in the busiest of schedules. It is for your own benefit. An uncluttered home is easy to maintain and carry out all household chores well. It can include keeping items in their places, staying ahead of messes, like washing your dishes on a daily basis, cleaning the shower walls to prevent dirt accumulation, keeping clothes hung-up in the right places and leaving the shower door opened for fresh air circulation.
  • There are some weekly tasks you can do by you or can hire cleaning services in OKC to perform. These tasks include vacuuming the carpet, removing dust, sanitizing your toilet, washing soap scum from the bathroom and changing bed linens.
  • Next comes the monthly activities. For these, you may call a professional from apartment cleaning services. You need to disinfect the germ collectors such as the trash can and clean the refrigerator so that you can eat healthily.
  • There are some activities that you can keep for seasonal cleaning. As soon as spring hits the city, start cleaning your windows and doors thoroughly. It has, after all, withstood a lot during the winter season.
  • There are also some semi-annual cleaning essentials that you don’t want to forget. Carpet cleaning is one of them. Also include mattress cleaning, blinds, doormats, the chimney, vacuum ducts, clean ceiling fixtures etc. Keep thorough washing for this time of the year.

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