We welcome you as a Home Maid Better customer
and look forward to servicing your home!

This Client Service Agreement document serves three functions:
Please review the information below and save for your records.

When accepting services rendered by Home Maid Better and welcoming our employees, managers, or ownership team into your home, you agree to these terms below. Suppose you’ve scheduled service for or on behalf of another private party or professional/commercial organization. In that event, you agree to these terms on behalf of that person or entity, representing and warranting that you have the legal right to do so. References to “you,” “your” and similar terms are construed accordingly in this agreement. If you don’t agree to all the terms in this agreement, you may elect not to use our services and accept all applicable fees where warranted.

Frequently Asked Questions
Arrival Times, Reschedules and Cancellations:
How do I know what time the team will arrive?

We will arrive between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. If you need a more specific time, you may call our office after 8:00 AM on the day of your cleaning, and we can give you a time estimate of when we will arrive at your home. Please remember that your team could arrive as early as 8:00 AM.

May I specify the arrival time of the cleaning?

Because of the various frequency options that we offer our customers, our schedule changes day to day and week to week. You can always tell us if you have specific time requests, and we will attempt to accommodate your needs. The only guaranteed arrival time we offer is the first appointment (arrival between 8:00 AM & 10 AM).

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a cleaning?

Maintaining your regularly scheduled cleaning is mutually beneficial to ensure your cleaning team has enough time in your home to do a great job. If a scheduling change is needed, we understand that life happens, and tomorrow’s unpredictability impacts us all. Please contact our office (via text, email, or call) at least two business days before your scheduled cleaning date to avoid being charged your full service rate (see below). Depending on your service frequency, additional time will be needed upon our next cleaning visit, as 30 or 60 days may have passed since your home was clean last. The extra time is considered at a rate of $40 and is due and charged upon receiving notification that you wish to skip a future cleaning or on the regularly scheduled cleaning date that did not occur. For your convenience, services ‘rescheduled’ for another time during the same week as your originally scheduled service will not incur an additional cost or fee.

What if I forget to cancel the cleaning or you are locked out of my home on the day of the cleaning?

Unfortunately, if we are not given adequate notice for cancelling a scheduled cleaning, or are unable to gain access to your home, a “Lock Out” fee equal to 100% of your service rate will be charged to your card on file.  Late cancellation and lockout fees are necessary because we consider a scheduled visit to be a reservation for your service.  We do not over-book our schedule because we believe every client deserves a reliable, high-quality service.  As a result, we require 2 business days’ notice to cancel a scheduled cleaning and avoid late cancellation cost.

Supplies and Equipment:
Do I need to supply any of the cleaning supplies or equipment?

No.  Home Maid Better will provide all cleaning equipment and supplies unless otherwise arranged in advance with the client prior to our arrival.

Are the people who clean my home legal, trained and insured?

Yes. Our employees are W-2 employees (not Independent Contractors) and meet strict hiring and training standards. They all meet Federal requirements regarding their ability to work in the United States legally. They are insured, bonded, and covered by comprehensive Worker’s Compensation insurance.

Home Access
If I am not home, how will you get in my house?

We encourage all our clients to provide secured access by way of electronic door keypads, garage door keypads or traditional lockboxes secured somewhere on the property.  If you prefer to leave a door open or a key left in a concealed spot, we will enter with your permission. Home Maid Better does not maintain, hold, or otherwise take possession of property keys.

What if I have a pet?

Our employees are trained to be aware of pets when entering and exiting your home. Obviously, we do not want to upset your pet with the introduction of new people and different noises. It has been our experience that pets are best kept away from the cleaning area and team members, if possible. When speaking with our office, please remember to provide us the name of your pet so our staff can use the pet’s name when entering.

Preparation for Cleaning:
Do I have to pick up before the team arrives?

We realize that getting ready for “cleaning day” can be a stressful time. It’s not our intention that you “clean” before we get to your home, but we do ask that general clutter, clothing, toys, etc., be picked up as much as possible as this preparation allows us to focus on cleaning surfaces and not spending time tidying.

May I tip my cleaning professional?

Tipping is not required but is always appreciated! If you choose to leave a cash tip, please place a marked “tip” with a note. You may also call or email our office to request that a tip is added to your method of payment on file. Our staff is not allowed to take any money that is not marked “tip.”

Valuables and Restricted Areas:
What should I do with my valuables, heirlooms, or irreplaceable items?

Please put all valuables away prior to us coming to the home.  Also, a closed door is your signal to us that you do not want that area to be cleaned.  If the door is closed for another reason (e.g. to restrict pet access), please contact our office so that we can update the client notes on the paperwork to reflect your special instructions.

Breakage and Damage:
What if something is broken or damaged?

Home Maid Better’s staff takes great care when cleaning your home, but occasionally accidents do happen. If you notice any breakage or damage, please notify us immediately. If you have valuables or heirlooms, etc., it would be helpful if they would be stored away to avoid accidents. Regrettable, although not common, from time to time, something may be broken. We instruct our team to call the office at once if anything is broken or discovered as having preexisting damage. The staff on-site will leave you a note advising you of the mishap, and our office will attempt to reach you by phone soon after we have been made aware. If an item is damaged or broken by our staff, we reserve the option to repair or replace it. Damage to items deemed “one-of-a-kind” require demonstrated dollar value to determine any potential settlement. We cannot be responsible for wall hangings attached with anything other than “real” picture hooks.

Other Notices:
Non-solicitation agreement:

All clients who accept any service rendered by Home Maid Better shall not solicit direct employment, personal agreement, or contracted service(s) of any kind using Home Maid Better’s present or past employees. In the event of the termination of your recurring scheduled service(s), or after a single service event, or upon the end of this agreement revision for twelve months following said the termination of service. If you wish to hire a present or past Home Maid Better staff member for any home-related service outside of your written or verbal (recorded call) agreement with Home Maid Better, our recruitment, training, and referral fee is $2,500 charged to the client. You agree to pay this fee due within 30 days of notification from Home Maid Better or representation on our behalf. Concerning any outstanding referral fee not paid in full within 30 days, Home Maid Better reserves the right to pursue other collection methods.


Home Maid Better may close for business when severe weather conditions compromise the safety of our staff. If your scheduled cleaning falls on one of these days, we will contact you to reschedule.


Home Maid Better will be open for regular business during all national holidays except New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If your regularly scheduled cleaning falls on one of these days, we will contact you to reschedule.


Home Maid Better employees may take before and after photos at the initial cleaning appointment and when rendering move-in/out cleaning services. Before and after pictures afford the opportunity to ensure your satisfaction while meeting our level of cleaning standards and expectations. Occasionally the need may arise where photos are required during a recurring appointment, for example, when the home is not in its usual condition. These pictures are used for training, proof of our work performance, and promotion of our high-quality standards. We do not take photos of personal items (family photos, jewelry, etc.). If you do not want pictures taken of work areas in your home, please notify our office before your cleaning appointment to sign a waiver of liability. Our Satisfaction Guarantee will not apply when cleaning professionals are unable to demonstrate cleaning progress in your home with our office team.


For safety reasons, we do not move anything weighing more than 15 lbs. If you wish us to clean behind anything heavy such as a couch or refrigerator, please move it prior to service to allow us access to that area. We use a two-step ladder. This allows us to clean furniture, fans, etc.; we can only clean what we can reach with a two-step ladder or extension pole. Shoes must always be worn inside the home for the health and safety of our cleaning professionals. Home Maid Better does not offer biohazard cleaning service or extreme hoarding removal in addition to other services that fall outside our scope of work. e.g., bodily fluids, pet accidents, cat boxes, dog kennels, insect infestations, rodent droppings, etc. due to required additional training and equipment.


Our quality control consists of home inspections and, when necessary, phone calls to the client. Occasionally, as needed or on a random basis, a quality inspector may enter your home during cleaning to ensure appropriate execution of quality standards. We believe that inspections and client communication are the best way to exceed your expectations and improve our high standards. You may also receive a satisfaction survey on every cleaning in your home. We always appreciate your feedback.


Home Maid Better recognizes and acknowledges that this Agreement creates a confidential relationship between the company and the client and that information concerning the client’s business affairs, customers, vendors, finances, properties, methods of operation, and other such information, whether written, oral, or otherwise, is Confidential Information. Home Maid Better agrees that it will not, at any time, during or after the term of this Agreement, disclose any confidential information to any person whatsoever. Home Maid Better further agrees to bind its employees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Clients may opt-out of their public reviews and private feedback from being used as a reference or a testimonial for Home Maid Better to market its services.

The Cleaning:
Top-to-Bottom Deluxe Deep Cleaning / Initial Cleaning:

Our Initial / Deep Cleaning is a more detailed cleaning where we perform wet wiping of the home, instead of just dusting.  During this visit, we perform wet wiping of baseboards, doorframes, ceiling fans and slate blinds (plastic or aluminum mini-blinds excluded).  We will also spend more time detailing the bathrooms and kitchen areas in the home.  This cleaning is typically twice the price of our regular cleaning service. We recommend a deep cleaning of your home at least once or twice per year. Everyone’s expectations of what they feel should be included in their cleaning varies from customer to customer.  Wall washing is not a service offered due to challenges with various paint/surface types that can result in undesirable outcomes.  It is important that you communicate your expectations to our office staff so that we may keep your individual cleaning record up to date.

Recurring Cleaning:

Our Recurring Cleaning, also known as “maintenance cleaning”.  We are maintaining your home at its’ current level of cleaning on a recurring basis (once a week, once every two weeks, or once every four weeks). During this cleaning we are only performing “dusting” instead of “wet-wiping”.  Wall washing is not a service offered due to challenges with various paint/surface types that can result in undesirable outcomes.  At your request, we can provide a cleaning task list with the areas of the home that get cleaned with every Regular Cleaning visit.

Basic General Cleaning:

Our Basic General Cleaning is not unlike recurring cleaning. The same scope of work is provided though accompanied by more time and additional cost given the lack of recurring service as described above. The Basic General Cleaning is a fantastic service when your home does not need the deep cleaning outlined in the Top-to-Bottom Deluxe service offering.

Move In/Out Service:

Our Move In/Out Cleaning is a very detailed cleaning where we restore the home back to its’ original shine prior to the next tenant or owner moving in the home.  This includes cleaning of inside appliances, inside (empty) cabinets, and wet wiping of all surfaces.  Wall washing is not a service offered due to challenges with various paint/surface types that can result in undesirable outcomes.  Our Move In / Move Out cleaning task list is available upon request and in some instances times necessary for success may exceed even the best estimated pricing and time based on prior living habits. Electricity and water are required; homes without these active utilities will result in a service cancellation billed at the full rate quoted. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to hold your cleaning spot on our calendar.

What types of things are NOT included in the Regular Maintenance Service?

We never go inside any cabinets, drawers, or closets unless instructed to do so, as with a Move In/Out Cleaning.  We do not offer dishwashing, laundry, window, walls, or carpet cleaning service. Dusting of collectables, a thimble collection for example, is a challenge for our teams, so those types of collectables are not included. We are unable to clean within china or curio cabinets. In addition, we are unable to clean rare or irreplaceable items.

What if I want something cleaned that is NOT included in my Regular Maintenance Service?

If there are additional rooms, the inside of your refrigerator or oven, or if you want your baseboards washed, just give us a call, and we can tell you what the additional fee would be, and then add it to your next scheduled service.

What if an area cleaned was missed or I am not happy with a part of the cleaning?