5 Reasons Why Housekeepers Will Always Clean Your Home Better


According to recent studies, 52% of Americans dread cleaning their home, especially the bathroom. 

As you can imagine, this leads to an overwhelming number of people either not doing it often enough, or doing a below-average job of this particularly important area. 

Of course, those with housekeepers never have to worry about this task or whether it’s done up to par. That’s because professional house cleaners always do a deeper clean than homeowners. 

How is this possible, you ask? Follow along to discover five reasons why housekeepers and maid services are the best choice for your home cleaning needs for a sparkling home, every week. 

1. The Right Supplies

Because professional house cleaners spend every day ensuring every area of a home is spick and span, it only makes sense for them to have all of the right tools to get the job done. 

This means they not only have a wide array of cleaning products to tackle every unique surface, but they also have those nifty little tools that you just can’t justify investing in. 

While a special vacuum attachment for cleaning blinds or heat registers isn’t a top priority for you, home cleaners take pride in having the best cleaning supplies on hand and ready to go whenever needed. This means your whole house will experience a better, more thorough clean thanks to the presence of these advanced supplies. 

2. They Aren’t in a Rush

We get it, you’ve worked a long day, your feet are tired and sore, and the in-laws will be arriving in less than an hour. 

In times like these, your super-sonic cleaning skills take over. However, your speedy clean is guaranteed to be far from perfect and more likely to ‘get you by’ until a more suitable time. 

Whether you are rushing around for company or simply don’t want to waste your sunny Saturday afternoon scrubbing bathroom tiles, rushing through the cleaning process is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, this likely means your home is never quite at its best. 

Fortunately, house cleaning services are never in a rush to ‘get it over with’. These housekeepers take pride in their work and are sure not to skip over any essentials to get the job done faster. 

They don’t have company to entertain or better things to do, so their attention to detail and accuracy is far more reliable. 

3. Experienced Professionals

You know that sticky grime that builds up in your shower that you just can’t seem to beat? Or how about that stain on your carpet that no amount of elbow grease seemed to budge? 

Believe it or not, your professional housekeepers likely know the cleaning tips and tricks that you don’t to finally banish those impossible marks. 

Because maid services spend their time tackling tough to clean areas and honing their cleaning skills, their bag of tricks is topped out with ways to get even the most obscure messes clean. No, they may not be magic, but with experience and skills like this, you may not believe your eyes.

Beyond those tricky areas, these experienced professionals know exactly what is and isn’t safe to use on every surface of your home. This means you can guarantee that no mistakes or damage will be made to your beautiful hardwood floors or fragile antiques. 

All in all, the knowledge and experience of a housekeeper could be the money-saving trick to your spotless home. 

4. An Outsiders Perspective

Have you ever noticed a distinct pattern in your cleaning habits? 

Chances are, as you clean your home, you follow a pretty consistent routine. Perhaps you start in a specific area, or maybe you’ve even worked out a way to vacuum the entire house without switching power points. 

While this may feel like a triumphant win, the truth is, your routine cleaning is actually forcing you to miss important spots. 

When maid services come in to clean your home, they don’t know that you ‘never really move that lamp’ or ‘don’t spend much time downstairs’. All they know is that their job is to ensure every area of your home is sparkling. 

This means that they hit little areas and spaces that you may not even realize have been missed for long periods of time. In fact, with such a better clean, you may even start to notice some incredible benefits of your spotless home. 

5. Never Miss a Clean

Let’s be honest, some days you just simply don’t feel like cleaning your home. 

Maybe you’ve had a really long week at work or your feeling a bit under the weather. Whatever the reason, we’ve all fallen prey to ‘skipping’ the weekly clean here and there.

Whether you’re a serial skipper or you’ve just lost track of time since the last shower scrubbing session, your home is now in desperate need of some TLC.

On the other hand, with house cleaning services you can always rely on a scheduled and routine clean that never ‘skips a week’. This can contribute to fewer bacteria build-up, reduced allergens in your home, and even less time required to get the job done! 

Hiring Housekeepers for Your Home

Now that you know why housekeepers do such a great job keeping you home it tip-top shape, it’s time to hand over the cleaning baton. Trust the pros to deliver a spotless clean that saves you time and money and contributes to an all-around healthier home. 

Ready to get started with professional house cleaners that you can trust? Request your free quote today to discover the difference house cleaning services can make in our home. 

Ready for a clean even your mother- in-law will notice?


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