8 Essential things you need to know when hiring a Cleaning Company

  1. Who will have access to my home and how? 

Only your assigned tech will ever have access to your home. Each of our techs is background checked, trained and insured. We also always send the same tech to your house so you get to know who will be in your home.

  1. Who is responsible if something in my house is damaged during the service? Do you carry insurance?

We are insured and if anything is to ever happen in your home, we will make it right. Besides insurance, we use safe products to ensure your home, family and our workers won’t come in contact with dangerous chemicals.

  1. How do I know your employees are safe? Do they undergo any type of background check?

Yes! Each of our employees is background checked and have their own check-in system to ensure they are the only ones in your home.

  1. Are your employees trained to any specific standard?

All of our techs are trained by our experienced talent. We use technology and a Home Maid Better checklist to ensure each of your cleans match your expectations and our high standards.

  1. How will I know what services are to be performed?

You can view our checklist on our website and after you book an appointment with us, we call you to confirm your services. Our techs then use our mobile app and check each item off the list as they complete it. Once they are done, they use a physical list that you can use to verify that your home has been cleaned according to our standard.

  1. How do you assure that each job is performed well? How do you check the quality of your employees’ work?

We don’t charge your card until we confirm that your service is complete. In addition to our extensive training, our team follows a standard checklist. We also send our field manager to periodically perform random quality checks to ensure all of our teams are performing to our expectations.

  1. If I’m not pleased with your service, what is my recourse?

If you are not happy with our services, let us know within two days and we will gladly fix any issues. We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our services!

  1. Do I need to provide the cleaning products and equipment?

No, we bring everything! We even bring you a new toilet bowl brush if you don’t have one.