8 Ways To Trick Your Mind Into Cleaning!

If you are tired or have low energy, cleaning is likely the last thing you want. However, staying too long in a messy home will make you feel more stressed and overwhelmed. Besides, an unkempt home can cause allergies and other health issues.

Are these reasons enough to get your cleaning routine back on track? Of course, knowing what you need to do doesn’t guarantee you’ll be in the mood for housework. However, you can use one of these eight tricks to motivate yourself and clean your home.

Trick #1: Imagine a tidy home

You’re never too old to have an imagination. When it comes to finding motivation, it’s helpful to close your eyes and picture your home neat and spotless. 

However, keep your expectations grounded. If you fall into fantasy and get nowhere near what you pictured, you’d be disappointed. 

Trick #2: Have your cleaning tools ready

Preparing for the first minutes of your cleaning session is critical. You’ll save a lot of time by getting all the cleaning supplies you need in advance and having them in one spot, ready to be used. If you can’t find what you need, you might give in to laziness.

Trick #3: Make a list to pick your next chore

If you’re unsure which cleaning task to tackle first, write down 10 chores you need to fulfill and pick 3 at random. This trick is an excellent way to add variety to your cleaning session and avoid it from feeling dull at such an early stage.

Trick #4: Rearrange your furniture

This simple trick is about changing things in your most-used rooms. Move your sofa or arrange the coffee table in a different setup. You’ll likely see this makeover as a chance to make it look its best. Check dust where the furniture used to be and give new life to your rooms.

Trick #5: Build a cleaning playlist

One thing in the cleaning process that can help you stay motivated is to make chores as enjoyable as possible, and what could be better than music?

Arrange a cleaning soundtrack with upbeat music so you’ll feel pumped and keep the rhythm, especially during tasks requiring that good old elbow grease.

Trick #6: Dress for the occasion

If you’re working in sweatpants or pajamas, you won’t feel the seriousness of your cleaning tasks. Instead, dress casually; it could be your favorite t-shirt and pants you like how you look in. This get-up somehow tricks the brain into thinking it’s not time to relax.

Trick #7: Have a reward system

What’s all that work without treating yourself? After a certain time or after a tough task, take a well-earned break. Eat a snack or have your favorite drink; make use of this “pit stop” to reassure you that cleaning is for your well-being. Now you can get back at it full of energy!

Trick #8: Hire a cleaning service

It’s not cheating if you look at it this way: if there isn’t an overwhelming mess, you can have a fresh start and plan your cleaning schedule calmly. Luckily, Home Maid Better is here to lend a hand! Get a reliable and skilled professional to deep clean your home. 

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Ready for a clean even your mother- in-law will notice?


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