9 Time-Saving Tips from Professional House Cleaners in OKC

House Cleaners in OKC

Keeping your home squeaky clean can be as complex as it is tedious. The time and dedication is takes often doesn’t work for busy Oklahoma City homeowners. Here are 9 tips from professional house cleaning services to help you save time keeping a clean home!


Glycerin isn’t just a good base for gentle soaps. Oklahoma homeowners use glycerin soaps to clean their houses as well. Glycerin can be used to spot clean stains on carpet, furniture and hard surfaces. It is a great solvent for both greasy and water-based stains. Diluted with water, glycerin can be used to maintain the shiny finish without the damaging effects or residue of harsher cleaners.

House Cleaners in OKCDedicate Time for Cleaning

One of the most common reasons that cleaning takes so long is the tendency to get distracted. Yes, cleaning is tough business, and yes, there are many things we’d rather be doing. But if you set aside a distraction free-hour a couple times a week to clean, you’ll end up saving a lot of time getting the work done.

OKC House Cleaners

Start with Low-Hanging Fruit

When it comes to cleaning, start with the most obvious things. Maybe it’s loading the dishwasher, doing a load of laundry, or picking up clutter. When you get the easier stuff out of the way you not only make it easier to vacuum, mop, scrub, and so on; but you also get a sense of accomplishment seeing a cleaner home that can motivate you to keep going!

Push Boundaries with Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers are fantastic time-savers, but their usefulness doesn’t end with dishes. The combination of heat, water, and detergent is a great way to deep clean children’s (and dogs’) toys, waterproof shoes and sandals, hair ties, makeup brushes, refrigerator shelves, and garden tools!

The Art of the Squeegee

You may know the squeegee from gas station buckets, but its usefulness goes well beyond car windows. Mineral stains on your shower glass or tile with an appropriate cleaning product don’t stand a chance against the dual action scrubbing and wiping features of the squeegee. Target tough stains on electric stovetops, countertops, and windows as well.

Steam the Microwave

Food particles in a microwave seem to stick like stalactites in a cave. Here’s an easy solution to make cleaning your microwave less onerous. Before cleaning the microwave, heat about a cup of water in a mug or Pyrex bowl in the microwave for a few minutes. As the water heats, the steam will loosen those stubborn stains.

Prioritize Dusting

Dust your shelves, books, curtains, and whatever else before vacuuming the floor clean. This will spare you the task of vacuuming twice, as well as help clean the air by filtering it through the vacuum cleaner.

Keep your Vacuum Tuned

It’s easy to forget that our vacuum cleaners need maintenance too. With Oklahoma’s infamous dust, fresh filters and clean mechanisms become all the more important for an effective vacuum cleaning.

Skip the Rarely Used Rooms

For daily or weekly cleaning, focus on high traffic areas like hallway bathrooms, the kitchen, living room and entry ways. Leave guest rooms or other less-seen rooms for a monthly cleaning. To keep your whole house in tip-top shape, consider hiring a professional cleaning service for a good weekly cleaning of your Oklahoma City home.

Ready for a clean even your mother- in-law will notice?


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