Adopt Pets without Worrying about Cleaning

At Home Maid Better, we provide house cleaning services for many pet owners in OKC. We know how much you love them, no matter how chaotic they can be. Despite your pet’s mess, your house can be sparkling, so this guide has been developed to help you keep your home clean with pets around.

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Planning for Cleaning as a Pet owner

Setting up a pet cleaning area at the entrance to your home will help you fight all messes before they can even enter your home. All you need for your station is here:

  • Rugs: For absorbing dirt and mud.

  • Towels: To dry off your pet.

  • Wipes: For keeping away pet odor.

  • Spray bottles: To remove dried mud and dirt.

For Your Sofa

We know that some fur babies love napping on the sofa, but we also know how difficult it is to get rid of fur once it is attached to sofa. Modifying your sofa into an animal-friendly material such as leather or microfiber will help avoid the ruining of your furniture by fur.

It might be easier to replace your sofa than to do so that if this is not an option. Otherwise, you should consider adding blankets to your home decoration. Not only are blankets extremely comfortable but they are also great to protect your couch from fur and stains.

The Spot Cleaner

Spot cleaners not only save your clothes from stubborn grime and stains; they also save your furnishings. You can invest in an animal-friendly odor-removing spot cleansers or by mixing half-water, half-vinegar and a drop of any liquid dishwashing soap into a spray bottle.

Need for Professionals

While you may not have issues to take care of small messes your animals are making, you may need help from a house cleaning service with larger work, such as cleaning your floors or dusting living areas. With Home Maid Better cleaning your OKC house, you can remove stubborn dirt and allergens brought in by your pets.