Amazing Tips for Move-in Cleaning Service


You are very excited about moving into your new home, aren’t you? This is obvious, but along with the excitement, you must have lots of things going through your mind. Moving incorporates a lot of tasks. Unpacking, settling down, placing everything in its place, checking the condition of the plumbing system, electrical system and many other things. Amongst everything, are you forgetting something? Cleaning, of course. How can you forget the most important but tedious job that you will have to perform when moving in a new home?

Why don’t you hire a move in cleaning service to do it on your behalf? You should hire one, but that does not mean the end of your part of the job. They are professionals and know their work well; but still, if you have a clear idea about the cleaning, you can supervise to make sure it is done properly.

move in cleaning service-kitchen cleaning

  • We always clean the refrigerator, but we fail to notice the back of it. The back of the fridge is one of those places that accumulate dust and dirt the most. It is also a breeding ground for germs. It needs a thorough cleaning, by moving the refrigerator out and scrubbing the area with a proper cleaner.
  • The top of the kitchen board is another place that is necessary to clean. The professionals of move in cleaning services use a ladder and cleaning agents to clean the area and remove all debris.
  • Cleaning the toilet completely is very important. We do not skip the backside of the toilet. The professional move-in cleaning service providers know the right cleaner to use in your bathroom so that it does not affect the environment but also clean your bathroom well.
  • Spilled food and liquid in the place between the oven and the counter often gets stuck and over time, it starting rotting. Ensure that the service providers do not forget these places to be cleaned.
  • Sinks, if not cleaned well, will start to stink. Before moving in, check the sink and perform a deep cleaning so that you don’t have to face any problem.

move in cleaning service-Refrigerator Cleaning

Apart from that, we recommend performing a deep cleaning throughout the home, so that you can get a healthy start in your new home. Call us at Home Maid Better and get the best service in OKC.