Back to School Cleaning Tips

It’s back to school time once again, a time many busy parents use to catch up on some much-needed cleaning that can be hard to accomplish in a full house. As a preferred maid service OKC, we have pinpointed some of the most common areas in which parents can get behind. Keep reading our back to school cleaning tips to see how you can get your home back in order after a long summer.

Go Through Outgrown Clothes

You’ve probably already gone school clothes shopping. Now, their closets and drawers contain both the new and the old. Sit down with the kids and examine every article of clothing they own. If it’s something they have outgrown or never wear, throw it out. It’s likely you could also cut back in your own closet. You’ll cut back on laundry and save storage space for clothes that actually get used regularly.

Establish a Shoe Station

As the season progresses, Oklahoma City residents can count on rain, ice, snow, and more. It’s inevitable that dirt, mud, and other residues will cling to the shoes of everyone in the home. Take 30 minutes to establish a shoe station on the front and/or back porch where shoes are to be removed. You can even get creative and place a sign at your shoe station(s). Mine says… “Lose the Shoes.”

Helpful Tip: If you have hardwood floors, lay a rug in your shoe station to catch dirt before it makes contact with the wood floor. Brought to you by 604 Maids.

Designate Chore-Time and Make It Fun

You’d be surprised at how willing the kids will be to join in at chore time when you make it fun. First, designate a time during which everyone will participate. This establishes a routine and gives everyone a better sense of overall organization and structure. Try making a list of everything that needs to be done. Write each chore on a piece of paper, slip it in a hat, and have participants draw chores. It’s always more fun when you play upbeat music in the background.

Soak After Dinner

Nobody wants to waste their time scraping dried cheese, sauce, and other residues as they clean up after dinner. You’re full, and you’re probably ready to sit down and relax! Before dinner is served, fill up the sink with hot, soapy water. Have everyone rinse their plate and put it in the sink to soak when they’re done eating. It’s a small step that only takes a minute or two that can save even more time and energy later.

Small Steps Go a Long Way

Most of the tips listed here don’t require much of your time or effort. However, they all make life easier and are simple to get the whole family involved in. With everyone working as one, you can enjoy a school year with a home that’s easy to keep in proper working order.

Schedules are busy though, and most of us could always use an occasional boost in keeping their home presentable. Using our maid service OKC, you can count on our skilled staff to take care of any loose ends throughout the week. Call us today to see the various service plans available.