A Checklist for Your Maid to Clean Your Home

If you are considering cleaning your home before an occasion or celebration, it is a good idea, but don’t schedule a cleaning service only before a holiday. Consider your health, well-being and staying fit. Cleaning is an integral part of keeping your home free from harmful bacteria and germs. But cleaning your entire home is not an easy task either. It is difficult to schedule time to clean after a busy work week. Hiring house cleaning maids can allow you a sigh of relief.

When hiring a maid from a reputable cleaning service, you should arrange a checklist so they know what you are requiring from them. Here is some guidance for you on what could be on your checklist.

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  • At least twice in a month clean your bed linens, pillow covers and other beddings. However, the bedding that does not come in direct contact with your skin can be cleaned once a month.
  • A hot water clean, along with environment-friendly cleaner, is needed to clean bedding and everything else in the bedroom.
  • The other areas like flat surfaces, knobs, light switches, handles and many others should be cleaned every ten days.


  • After every few uses, towels should be changed out. Use hot water for washing and dry it completely to kill all germs stuck in the towel. This also washes of dead skin cells and dirt.
  • Every week clean the bathroom (deep cleaning really does require a professional).
  • Proper disinfectant should be used to kill bacteria and germs. The rags used to clean the toilet should be separate from the ones used for the sink and shower head.
  • Door frames, knobs, light fixtures and other areas should be wiped down as well.


  • Kitchen towels should be washed right after they come in touch with raw meat.
  • Fresh towels should be used every day to limit exposure to germs.
  • Food particles should be removed and the sink should be cleaned every day.

Other Areas

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, you can ask the maid for cleaning services in other areas of the home including carpets, electrical switches, appliances, handrails etc.

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