Clean Your Kitchen in 20 Minutes

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The kitchen is the place in the home where we are most afraid to clean seriously. It is because we keep foodstuff, dirty cups and dishes and other wastes. It’s so easy to make a mess, and it’s so hard to clean up. However, is this the way it must be?

Let us share the secrets for kitchen-cleaning tricks with you, as you probably remember. Moreover, you must know that you can make instant online reservations for deep cleaning services with Home Maid Better to avoid stress. However, we are not going to share that in this blog.

Today we want to share you how just spending 20 minutes for kitchen cleaning can make a big difference, without effort, from week to week!

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Did You Know

  • It takes 30 seconds to clean your sink.

  • You can clean the stove in one minute, after finishing cooking.

  • You will need only two minutes to wipe the floor.

Within five minutes, without having to work so hard, you can make your kitchen look decent. The mystery? You act, care for what is essential, right after cooking has been completed. You maintain the counters and sink clean and bright. Moreover, every time you come back, you will want to store things in the right place–because everything is clean, and you do not wish to repeat the mess.

Suppose we’re just not cooking seven times a week. You may do it two to three times a week, so you’ll need to spend a minimum of 15 minutes per week to maintain things smoothly. If you take out the waste once or twice a week, you can give one or two additional minutes to clean it away. Moreover, wipe your dish rack for approximately 3 minutes. The cleanup of your kitchen took you about 20 minutes to complete, all week long!

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You might be afraid of seeing a messed up kitchen after 15 days. So, the things you’re going to need for deep cleaning services are a discipline that comes with:

  • Never keep the dishes in the sink longer than 12 hours or stack up so much that you can start spreading dirty food on the counters. If you set those at night, wash them in the morning.

  • Do not keep garbage near a garbage can, instead, keep everything inside the can, or take it out. Even if it is a pizza box or anything else.

  • Do not store garbage in the kitchen, discard everything on time.

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