Cleaning a Chandelier: A More Complicated Task than You Have Thought of

You invest a lot in your house decoration. They are all to create a definition to the interior and exterior of your place. If you are very much into the aesthetics, you must think of getting a chandelier for your place. If already own one, you know how much difficult its maintenance is after fitting. To maintain the upkeep of its elegant and radiant glow, you need to be very careful. As you already have invested a good amount of money in purchasing it, you should not take any risk while cleaning it. The cleaning services in OKC can help you in this case.

Still, for your knowledge, here is a glimpse of the process that the cleaning companies in OKC follow to clean it without making any damage.

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Preparation to Clean a Chandelier

Before cleaning a chandelier, the experts follow a few safety practices. They turn off the electricity from the circuit breaker box. Otherwise, electrocution can take place. They put a light to see the chandelier while cleaning, that is plugged into another outlet. Generally, they prefer using a ladder other than the table as the ladders are towering enough to reach the chandelier without standing at the last two steps of it. The floor is covered with a plastic sheet so that you don’t need to clean the floor again after the chandelier is cleaned.

Removing Dust

Dusting is very important to start any cleaning. In the first place, one should clean cobwebs and heap of dust. The professionals of the cleaning services in OKC do it carefully so that no damage follows the process. After dusting, you can leave it as it is, or you can go for the wet cleaning. Of course, the wet cleaning is a deep cleaning service that will make the chandelier look like a new one.

Wet Cleaning Process

The professional employees of the cleaning companies in OKC cover the bulbs with sandwich bags and tie it with rubber bands to avoid damage. Next, they follow the instruction of the materials they use for the cleaning and spray it all over the chandelier. Then comes wiping out the dust with the cleaning material and a soft piece of cloth. There are some parts those are unable to be cleaned by hand and need special equipment. It is recommended to let the chandelier dry completely before lighting it up. It may take maximum two days.

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