Cleaning: A Significant Way to Stay Away from Health Code Violation

If you run a restaurant, customers are your priority. Providing them with good food, a proper healthy environment, well-maintained hygiene are the three most important areas you should look after. If customers are dissatisfied with your service, they can lodge a complaint against you. Cleanliness and hygiene are so important that a complaint can allege you for the health code violation. This is the reason why many restaurant owners opt for monthly cleaning service for maintaining the upkeep.

The health regulations are imperative to meet as a restaurant owner and many establishments fail to meet it. The major reason behind it is cleaning. According to the professionals, if a restaurant maintains a daily cleaning schedule, it becomes easier for it to avoid any associated mess.

weekly cleaning service

The daily cleaning schedule may include:

  • Wiping down the floors, windows, walls, counter tops and the electronic appliances. The electronic appliances are the perfect place for dust accumulation for the oil and food spills stuck on it.
  • Cleaning the beverage dispenser and the bottle openers. And the rags, aprons, uniforms and towels.
  • Washing the crockeries and utensils.
  • Changing the paper towel rolls and soap dispenser.
  • Removing the wastes and recyclable materials from the kitchen.
  • Disinfecting the entire area.

Apart from the daily cleaning process, you can also call a professional team for the weekly cleaning service. In the weekly cleaning service, include the sections or parts those are generally not cleaned every day. Like the ovens, floor drains, mats, faucets and sinks, freezer and refrigerator, vent hoods, refrigerator coil, walls and deep cleaning including disinfecting.

weekly cleaning service

No matter whether you are opting for monthly cleaning service, weekly or daily, you need to maintain the personal hygiene as well. You should ask the food handlers to wash their hands and use clean equipment. Pay attention to some of these parts for making it easier for the customers and the workers at your restaurant.

  • The dishwasher is in the right temperature.
  • The handwashing sink is within reach.
  • Cleaned utensils are dried, not wiped.
  • The cleaning chemicals are kept from the food storage.

Following all these steps will you be compliant with the health codes which are required to run a restaurant. Enriching your cleaning habit will be good for you, the customers and your restaurant’s reputation. You can call Home Maid Better for a weekly or monthly cleaning service for maintaining the hygiene of your restaurant.