Cleaning Home Before You Start Living in it: Essential and Effective

Cleanliness and well-maintained hygiene help a person to keep a healthy body and mind. Not only for making it good impression, but also to stay away from infections and germs, you need to keep your place clean. Reports say people suffer from several diseases mostly because of the filthy place they live in. It may increase the severity of chronic disease and also add several others to the body. Therefore, you should seek a move in cleaning service before you start living in a new home.

move in cleaning service

You may think that for cleaning purposes, why should you opt for a service provider or a professional? The old house that you are going to live in needs to be deep cleaned and that is much more than just mopping and dusting. You cannot do it on your own as you might not know the right application of disinfectants and other materials to sanitize and deep clean the house.

The professionals of a move in cleaning service will segregate the entire process of cleaning into subsections. Let’s look at those:

The Walls, Doors, Floors and Ceilings

If you are going to own an old house, you should not ignore the windows, doors, floor and ceiling while cleaning and it is a good place to start. Generally, the professionals work from top to bottom. To clean the entire area properly you need a ladder, vacuum cleaner and proper disinfectants. After the removal of debris, the area should undergo a deep cleaning and sanitization process.

Move in Cleaning

Kitchen, Cabinets and Appliances

The kitchen is one of the most vulnerable places for dust and dirt accumulation and when the house is old, it is obvious that it is the dirtiest place in the entire house. The kitchen, including every bit of it like the cabinets, the shelves, sink, countertops, cabinet doors, each and every appliance, refrigerator, and everything else need to be cleaned with the right cleaner that can remove grease, food debris, stains etc. followed by the disinfectants. Hire the move in cleaning service and let them handle it.

Insect Removal Spray

Before starting anything in the house, the professionals spray insect remover. You never know how poisonous the insects can be which are living in the house for such a long time. After killing the insects initially, you can enter the home and after that, the cleaning process starts. The professionals recommend not to enter the house before the cleaning process is completed and the place becomes completely safe for the kids and pets as well.

Keep Bathroom till Last

It is not the least but the last place to be cleaned in the home before entering. The bathroom needs deep scrubbing to remove all viruses, molds, bacteria and many others before using it. If you tried to do this on your own you may fall sick; the professionals of a move in cleaning service use special equipment, gloves and mask to stay protected from the germ-attack.

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