Cleaning Your Home – Be It Old or New

Moving out of a home and into a new one is an exciting and stressful life transition. There’s much to look after, from packing everything to organizing the move and even decorating to make it feel like home and all between. Cleaning your old or new house to prepare it for sale or on the day of moving is one of the biggest pains.

Home Maid Better cleaning service takes care of the mess for you, whether you are moving into or from a home. We offer residential cleaning service to move in and out in Oklahoma City. A good cleaning company shouldn’t only ‘clean’ a home or an apartment but also provide a well-defined, reliable service that takes the details into account. With this approach, we will get a completely clean new or old house to make your movements as peaceful and hassle-free as possible.

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For Your Old Home

You’ll be shocked with the mess when you have loaded the truck and taken everything out of your old house. As you move from your old home, your move out cleaning service provider will take care of it. Check out the following services:

Window Panes and Blinds: Dirty windows can hinder light and make it look darker and panes and blinds stubbornly collect dust that is tedious to clean.

Carpet: If your house is not sold yet, it may be essential to clean the carpeted floors to make sure your home is as attractive as possible to buyers. Carpet condition is a sign of general upkeep.

Whole House: If you have sold your house already, you will appreciated by your real estate agent and the new homeowners when you leave the property.

For the New One

When you enter your new home, someone else’s dirt or the grime that accumulated while it was empty is the last thing you want to see. Have a move in cleaning service team in before you reach the house, so it’s ready when you arrive, to clean and sanitize the primary surfaces, fixtures, bathroom and more. You will also want to include several essential services at the new house:

Junk Removal: There may be building debris left over if you’ve worked on the new home like painting or remodeling. The contractor should remove its mess, but dirt, dust, or small bits of trash may be still around. These things will be removed by a professional cleaning crew.

Inspection of Air Duct and Cleaning: You can stay comfortable with the heating and air-conditioning systems in your home. They are also capable of years of dust accumulation. Home cleaning services normally can’t offer this, but it’s a good idea to have them cleaned out well before you move in, especially if there are allergies, asthma, or respiratory problems for you or someone in your family.

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What Exactly Are the Services?

A professional move in and out cleaning service in Edmond can also provide services for the completion of lease cleaning. Professionals take a considerable amount of work off your shoulders for this task. The best thing is that you have a clean place at a much lower price.

What we provide as a cleaning company are:

  • Removing all the junk, trash, dust, and paint left over from any remodeling.

  • Complete cleanup from floors to the ceilings including the windows, doors, and walls

  • Upholstery, carpet, tile and wood cleaning

  • Sanitizing the toilet and bathroom

  • Cleanup of garage, basement, and storage areas

Please contact us at Home Maid Better today if you move into or out of a home and require a professional cleaning service.