Different Flooring Types and Cleaning Process

Have you ever thought how important flooring is for our home? When a guest steps in, he first notices the floor. The floor design or material comes later, but what first grabs attention is cleanliness. A dirty floor is an immediate turn off for guests. Not only for outsiders, but also for the residents a dirty floor is an absolute NO. You can call it the nest of germs. Do we need to say anything more about the importance of cleaning? Certainly not.

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Depending on the personal choice, flooring materials are different, so as the cleaning process. The professional home cleaning services know it better how to clean floors the best depending on the different material.

Now we will discuss according to the materials. Here it is:

  • Ceramic Tiles: This is the most widely used flooring type and the cheapest one but durable of all. According to texture, shapes, and attractiveness, these are different from each other. The ceramic tiles easily catch sand, soil and other dirt; therefore, you need good cleaning equipment and mild detergent to clean it up completely. But an amateur hand while cleaning can make scratches on it, which is why hiring professional apartment cleaning services is a wise decision.
  • Hardwood: Hardwood flooring is the most comfortable and luxurious choice for living space. The owners who need to give the home a completely new look, opt for this flooring idea. This is a natural product but has a nice finishing and protection to keep is safe from termite and woodworms. Mopping and microfiber clothing is the best options to use it, but it has a special technique.
  • Laminate Flooring: This is nothing, but multiple synthetic flooring products laminated together. It simulates wood that is under a photographic applique layer and over it there is a clear protective layer. Because of this critical manufacturing, cleaning up this flooring needs a professional hand.
  • Stone Flooring: As you know stones are rough and durable, so as its flooring. This kind of flooring requires low maintenance but that is critical. You need to keep the rough surface intact otherwise the entire appeal can be spoiled.
  • Carpet Flooring: This is warm, soft and has an elegant appeal. But it easily attracts dirt and dust. This is not easy to clean and needs knowledge and efficiency. Cleaning without having the required knowledge can spoil the appeal of this flooring that is why you should hire professional home cleaning services.
  • Glass Flooring: Reinforced glass flooring is mostly seen in commercial buildings. This is durable but can get scratch easily. If you do not know the cleaning process, do not apply online available knowledge, call a professional.
  • Marble Flooring: This is the most popular of all but gets stains easily. If you accidentally spill coffee or anything, it can leave a permanent mark if not cleaned properly. Be a responsible homeowner and call apartment cleaning services to clean it all.
  • Mosaic Cleaning: This is similar to marble flooring and known for its artistic patterns and color combination. Follow the same way you would clean a marble floor.

Do not get confused, rather call Home Maid Better for your home cleaning services.

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