Don’t Forget These Areas While Cleaning

While cleaning our homes, we usually start cleaning the visibly dusty places. However, there can be more than is visible to our eyes. When you are cleaning your place, make sure you take it very seriously; otherwise, your home can become a nest for germs and mold. You should not hesitate to choose one of the residential cleaning services available in your area. Whether you hire someone else or clean your home yourself, there are several areas that need to receive attention.

Professional House Cleaning

A professional house cleaning service will not ignore the items you often overlook while cleaning. Here are a few examples:

Toaster: The cleaning of the toaster is important to avoid any fire hazards. The breadcrumbs stored in the toaster can cause electrical flash, and there could be dangerous consequences.

Dishwasher: Despite having hot water and soap going through it, the dishwasher can be dirty too. At least once a month, it needs a deep cleaning with baking soda or vinegar.

Dish Rack: The dish rack is prone to collecting germs, and you can directly be affected by them. The dish rack needs to be disinfected often to prevent germs from building up.

Refrigerator: An uncleaned fridge can become a breeding place for mold and bacteria. You should clean it thoroughly at least once a week, including the shelves and the rubber seal of the door. Keep in mind that your fridge should always smell good. If it doesn’t, there are germs present.

Exhaust Hood: It is normal to get sticky substances on the exhaust hood. This grease is formed from dirt, dust and oil. You may consult a professional house cleaning service to clean the exhaust hood thoroughly.

Coffee Maker: Generally, the appliance that accumulates the most bacteria is the coffeemaker. Very few people know how to properly clean it. You can use vinegar, as it is a very effective cleaner for kitchen appliances.

Washing Machine: Washing machines in which bleach is not used can often be very dirty. Run the machine with warm water and five to six cups of vinegar to clean it.

Laundry Baskets: Many people ignore the laundry baskets at the time of cleaning. You store dirty clothes there, so quite naturally, they are vulnerable to bacteria. Disinfect them to avoid troubles and diseases.

Pillows: If you have respiratory issues, not cleaning the pillow covers can be harmful for you. You need to make sure to clean and dry the pillow covers regularly.

Makeup Brushes: If you don’t want to get acne or rashes on your skin, don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes. The professionals of residential cleaning services recommend baby shampoo for this cleaning purpose.

Exercise Mat: An exercise mat attracts the most germs in a short period, and the reason is quite understandable. If you don’t clean your exercise mat after a regular period of time, you may become sick due to the germs from foot fungus, sweat, dirt, etc.

Vacuum: Cleaning appliances, like the vacuum cleaner, need to be cleaned as well. Don’t forget to clean them; otherwise, the cleaning process will spread more dust and bacteria throughout your place.

Residential Cleaning Services

Professional house cleaning can relieve you from this hassle and make you relaxed and germ-free at the same time. Home Maid Better provides these services to their customers at an affordable rate and with the best results.