Don’t Ignore These Parts of Your Bathroom While Cleaning

We all have an idea about how to clean our bathroom and we follow that while cleaning it each time. The idea needs some modifications now however; otherwise, germs will use your home a breeding spot.

While cleaning the bathroom we clean our toilet, the floor, faucets and the sink mainly. And when our toilet looks sparkling, we think we have done our part well, when actually, for the lack of time or knowledge, we miss many of those areas in our bathroom that need deep cleaning services.

deep cleaning services

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss this so that we can all be aware of this.

The Switches: The wall switches also need cleaning. Commonly people ignore it but this is one of the dirtiest parts of the bathroom. Every day, the light switches come in touch with germ-ridden fingers, but we never feel like cleaning it. While going out from the bathroom and switching off the lights again we touch these dirty switches and end up getting the germs back on fingers. Therefore, cleaning of the switches is imperative.

Exhaust Fan: Unless the fan stops working, we barely give it a look. The exhaust fan is actually exposed to the environment. The dust, pollution, rain, snow, moisture all get in touch with the exhaust fan and it is quite obvious. The experts say that exhaust fans should be cleaned at least three times a year. Have you clean it once from the time of installation? Call a professional house cleaning service now to open the lid of the exhaust and clean it thoroughly.

Toothbrush Holder: The brush may look completely clean, but actually it is not. The toothpaste residue slides down to the handle and gets stored in the toothbrush holder. It encourages mold growth and germs inside it.

Showerhead: The shower head is the place where mineral deposits can take up shop. The mineral deposits can weaken the water force of the shower and also the metal can become rusty. If you can clean it every week, it is fine, but if life is too hectic for you, you can call a professional cleaning service for weekly cleaning.

Drawers: The drawers may seem clean but actually they can collect dust, remnants of makeup and toiletries and hair. This storage can easily attract dust and dirt and needs a routine cleanup.

You can get the help of deep cleaning services for a thorough cleaning of your bathroom, making there be no place for germs to live. Home Maid Better can be your helping hand.

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