Easy But Effective Floor Cleaning Tips

Cleanliness is all about maintenance. You can’t fulfill your responsibility by simply dusting and mopping your home once a month. The more pollution is in the air, the more your place is susceptible to become dusty. It is not possible to control pollution all at once, but your home is an excellent place to start.

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Indeed, you may break a sweat performing this job, but when services offering house cleaning in OKC are available for you, you don’t need to worry much. Here are a few principal points that you need to understand regarding regular floor cleaning:

  • The floor bears the most dust and dirt of any part of the home. It needs to be vacuumed at least three times a week. With vacuum cleaning, you will be able to wipe away dust, dirt and food crumbs that inevitably end up on the floor. Be sure to choose the right vacuum for your floor for the best results. Cleaning services in OKC like Home Maid Better always use the best vacuums and the proper settings to make your floors spotless.
  • On the other hand, if the flooring is made of hardwood, it is not recommended to mop every day. The excessive use of water can cause damage to the wood. When you do mop, you can use a spray instead, and mop with a fresh piece of cloth. The roller attachment in the vacuum cleaner is strictly prohibited for the wooden floor to avoid scratches.
  • Rather than carrying the bulky vacuum cleaner around to clean your floor, you can use a broom and dustpan to handle small messes.

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  • Encourage your family members to take their shoes off in the mudroom or outside the home. Outside debris and germs can be brought into your home on shoes and make your place more unsafe and exposed to viruses.
  • Doormats are essential for your home. You should keep one outside the door so that people can wipe their shoes before entering. We suggest setting up a mudroom where people can wipe their feet or remove their shoes prior to entering the home.
  • Using carpet shampoo once a month for carpet and rug cleaning is important for removing hard-to-clean dirt from the floors.

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Don’t get obsessed with cleaning and stress yourself out to make your home look sparkling. A little mess from your children or pets can be handled by following these tips. Otherwise, our house cleaning serviced in OKC are one call away!