Five Dirtiest Things In Your House

Have you ever wondered about which is the dirtiest thing inside your home? Well, you might be surprised by the answer. Household interiors that are often taken for granted when it comes to cleanliness mostly act as breeding grounds for germs. Here are the five grossest things in your house that sometimes even the best cleaners in OKC miss.

Windows and Door panels

window cleaning

Generally, windows and door panels are overlooked during daily cleaning. These spaces since act as connection to the outside world are more susceptible to get dirty and dusty. Also, some remote notches and corners along with sleek panels etc. are dirtier than any other thing inside the house.

Electronic Surfaces

Electronic Surfaces cleaning

Today every home is flooded with electronic gadgets and appliances. Television sets with remote controls, cell phones, gaming consoles and personal computers are a few devices that have become synonymous to life. Unfortunately, these handy electronic tools attract more germs as they meet many hands and are almost never cleaned up.

Ceiling Fans and lighting fixtures

Ceiling Fans Cleaning

The ceiling of your house is the space which is paid the least attention while cleaning. Hence ceiling fans and other accessories up head develop thick layers of dust and dirt. Cleaning experts in OKC suggest getting these spaces cleaned well because they are great breeding grounds for yeast and bacteria that adversely affect the quality of air you breathe in.

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures

Toilets, bathtubs, taps and bathroom tiles are persistently in touch with water and alkaline detergents. Moisture and improper ventilation leads to the growth of germs on the wet surfaces. Moreover, due to fluctuations in salinity of water these washroom fixtures and surfaces develop white deposits that not just spoil the ambience of your bathroom but damage the fixtures as well

Doorknobs, Handles and electric switches

Doorknobs Cleaning

People who feel awfully particular about cleanliness and hygiene at home often neglect doorknobs, cupboard handles and the electrical switches. These surfaces encounter a lot of people who might carry germs and pathogens and unknowingly these spaces become germs hotspots.

Cleaning your dream home is both fascinating and tiresome. Generally, people fall short of essential products that ensure deep cleansing of your home. So, pick up the phone and call the pros to treat your home to a deep clean this spring season without the hassle.