Food Stains – How to Get Out Stubborn Stains?

Food stains are not pleasant on the eyes; food only looks good on a plate. But sudden spillage on the carpet, floor or on the wall is worrisome, especially when it leaves tenacious marks.

You can’t just throw away your heavy and expensive carpet because of a food stain, right? Neither is it logical to get new window linens because of stains. But, some stains are tough to get rid of. Before we discuss the solution, let’s talk about the problems first.

Coffee and Tea Stain

Coffee and Tea Stain

According to cleaning companies in OKC, one of the worst stains is from coffee and tea. While having a sip of your coffee, your pet may think it is a good idea to jump on your lap for attention. And, coffee spills out of your cup and leaves a stain on your carpet. You may have handy home remedies but those barely work. You can put water or citric acid on it, but any of these can make the stain even more stubborn.

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Sticking chewing gum on the bench to annoy classmates is one of the oldest pranks in the book and let’s face it, we have all done it. Perhaps our immaturity didn’t let us realize what has to happen next, but now we understand how bad and stubborn a chewing gum stain can be. It can be an even greater mess on fabric. You could freeze the clothes and put vinegar on it but no one can assure its effectiveness.

Red Wine Stain

Red Wine

Spilling red wine on your partner is not only enough to spoil the evening but also the dress. What you can do is dab tissue paper on it immediately to stop it from spreading further, but do not try to remove it on your own. Using bleach on the dress can discolor it. Chemical bleaching, besides fading color also weakens the fabric. Rather you should take it to the cleaning companies OKC for removal.

Olive Oil Stain

Olive Oil

Oil stains are a strict no-no for fabrics. It can make your food taste good, healthy as well, but that does not mean your clothes befriend it. Not only does it leaves spot, but it also breaks down the fabric.

Sauce and Ketchup Stain

Sauce and Ketchup, Berries

Tomato sauce, ketchup, berry juice can leave a permanent mark if not handled correctly. If it spills on clothes or any other fabric, run cold water to stop further damage and ask your cleaning company to take charge of it from there.

For such food stains on household fabrics or clothes, you can call cleaning companies in OKC. Make a contract with Home Maid Better to get better service and to remove all marks permanently.