Guideline to Follow for Move-in Cleaning

Welcome to your new home! You are excited to move in a new house that you have dreamt for so long. But while stepping in the room you are shocked with the dust and dirt. It is quite possible because of the renovation process. Be it exterior or interior design, construction work etc., it is bound to make the home dirty. Before you throw a housewarming party, you have to clean it all. Thinking about the hectic cleaning schedule your joy and excitement got evaporated. Hold on! Why don’t you call a move in cleaning service? If you think this kind of services does not work well nor has drawback, you are completely wrong. Similarly, you can opt for a move-out cleaning service while leaving the old home. Whether you are selling the home or you were a tenant, you can go for it. In Oklahoma City, there are plenty of professional companies offering good cleaning services for your home. Areas in a home that need professional care more are mentioned below.

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The Bathroom

No need to explain why this is the most important place to be cleaned. This is the place where germs and bacteria grow; molds and mildew make their breeding spot. Therefore, it holds immense importance to clean up faucet, shower-head, bathtub, sink and every appliance in the bathroom. After that, make sure to scrub the floor, wash the walls using appropriate products.

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The Kitchen

The cleaning services in OKC make sure to clean the kitchen. You can easily impress your guests with a squeaky clean kitchen. The move in cleaning service does not skip to wash kitchen sinks, floor, chimney ducts, appliances, cabinets and everything else.

Other Areas

Apart From the aforementioned places, the cleaning services in OKC make sure to clean the bedroom, living room, porch, dining area etc. Ask your cleaners about the places, how much time it would take to clean up. You can also ask to follow green cleaning process. We, Home Maid Better rigidly follow our customers’ preferences and schedule. You can call us at any point in time with any query; we are open to hear from you all.