Five Reasons to Clean your Air Ducts This Fall

As we notice the temperatures begin to drop and the heat of the sun dissipates more with each passing day, many of us are more than ready to get out our sweaters and fire up the fireplace to enjoy with a cup of hot cocoa. Cleaning the air ducts probably hasn’t crossed your mind, but there are five good reasons the staff here at Home Maid Better believes you should consider cleaning yours this fall.

  1. Reduce Safety Hazards

It’s best to ensure your heating system is running properly long before freezing temperatures threaten you and your family. It’s critical that your duct system is free of dirt and debris. Not only does this reduce hazards in your home, but it also cuts down on dirt that’s continually circulated.

  1. Reduce Pollen and Other Allergens

Oklahoma summers are hot, and your air conditioning unit is about to take a much-deserved break. However, there are more than likely allergens and pollen still present within your air ducts, causing you to suffer far past allergy season. Cleaning yours will eliminate their presence and create a more comfortable environment to enjoy.

  1. Keep Air Safe for the Kids

If you have kids or pets in your home, you must remember they have smaller lungs than you, and they typically require more breaths per minute than adults. Any pollutants lingering in your air ducts are transferred into their respiratory systems. Cleaning the air ducts helps keep these pollutants low and your kids happier and healthier.

  1. Reduce Illness

Kids aren’t the only ones susceptible to the dangers that are likely lingering in your air duct system. While it can be difficult to avoid illness completely during the fall and winter months, you can reduce occurrences when you ensure the air quality of your own home through a thorough cleaning of your air ducts. Furthermore, even if you do fall ill, you can expect a speedier recovery when dust and allergens are removed.

  1. Keep Bills Low and Furnace in Proper Working Order

You want to get the best return-on-investment out of your furnace. It’s a machine that, much like your car, requires maintenance to get the most efficient use out of it. The last thing you want is for yours to quit working in the dead of winter.

Even a small millimeter of dirt in your air ducts decreases the efficiency of the unit as a whole. By taking the time to clean your air ducts, you can lengthen your furnace’s lifespan and keep your energy bills low.

Enjoy Your Home to the Fullest This Fall

As you prepare to face the cold season, we strongly encourage you to set aside a weekend to properly examine your air ducts and ensure they’re clean and free of allergens, pollen, and pollutants. The staff here at Home Maid Better has access to the tools and knowledge to guide you in the right direction. We can also help you get some other important fall cleaning tasks complete. Call today to see the many ways we can help.

– This post sponsored by Montpellier Cleaning Services.

Home Maid Better – Five Reasons to Clean your Air Ducts This Fall