Cleaning Tips for Different Flooring Types

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Because flooring is one of the most important aspects of your house, you need to ensure its longevity by keeping it clean. The services for house cleaning in OKC are very proficient at what they do. They keep your floors spick and span and are well aware of how and with what to clean all flooring types. Most flooring types can be easily maintained, and if you want to retain the shine of your floors, you need to clean them. After all, a clean house can say a lot about its inhabitants. Deep cleaning after prolonged gaps does not work well, as some floor materials are not very easy to clean. Thus, they have to be maintained regularly.

Know the basic floor care tips that are essential for house cleaning in OKC:

  • Tracking in grit from outside is the most common way of dirtying the floor, even if unintentional. Therefore, be alert and avoid doing so. This can ensure long-term preservation of your hard flooring, as it won’t suffer from scratches and a dull appearance from the grit that shoes carry.
  • Debris keeps falling on the floor even if shoes are kept at the door. So, it’s best to vacuum at least a weekly.
  • Moisture can cause long-term damage to the floor. Therefore, always use damp mops instead of wet ones and ensure that you either air dry or physically dry the floor post cleaning.
  • Hard floors are normally porous, except for glazed tiles and wood laminates, so they are extremely susceptible to stains. Prompt action is therefore imperative in case of wine or oil spills.

Floor-Specific Tips:


Remove soapy residues from glazed tiles with a mild acidic solution. For grout cleaning, commercial grout cleaners work well. If you mix a bit of bleach into the solution to clean the grout, remember that bleach doesn’t clean the grout; it only whitens it.

Unglazed ceramic tile floors are more durable. However, even they can be easily stained. You may have to get down on your knees to scrub off the more stubborn floor stains. Plus, don’t forget to dry the tiles after cleaning, or else you’ll soon see mold.


For stone floor variants like marble, slate or limestone, always use very little water and dry it off once cleaned. Periodic resealing is good for keeping soft travertine floors stain-free.


For most temporary surface-sealed wooden floors, you can definitely use a damp mop and then air dry after cleaning, but never apply furniture polish or oil. Note that the finish can degrade and requires a retouch every seven years.

Unsealed wood floors must never be damp mopped. They require high maintenance, such as waxing. In instances of serious stains, prompt cleaning is needed.


This flooring type is most vulnerable at the seams, and the appearance of laminates can dull with time due to water seepage.

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