How Can You Trust Your Housekeeper?

Hiring a housekeeper can help you, but only when you have done your homework. Especially if they’re cleaning up your home while you are at your job, it’s important to find someone credible. Ask for references to someone or hire a larger cleaning firm and consider the pros and cons of using it before you commit to a housekeeper.


The best method to assess if your housekeepers are reliable is to ask around yourself. Get information about your experiences from neighbors and members of family to see. Please request the service provider to let you contact some of its customers if you cannot get any recommendations.

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Employee screening

Question the housekeeping service how they hire their employees. Are they conducting criminal screenings? Is the status of residence validated? Also, ask if their company includes employees exclusively. Subcontractors sometimes do not get training or liability insurance for a housekeeping service. You may not have the quality standard that you deserve if your maids are not qualified. And their customer complaint resolution process may also not be effective.

Decide on Tasks

Some home cleaning tasks like sweeping and scrubbing the showers and toilets are standard. However, any further tasks such as laundry and dishes to be performed regularly could be negotiated. Sometimes you may also ask for duties, such as cleaning the fridge or ovens, several times a year.

Cleaning Agents and Equipment

Who is supplying the products for cleaning? The housekeeper or the customer? Before the work begins, make sure that you are transparent. Many independent housekeepers expect all cleaning agents to be supplied. If all the things are included, ask about them if you are allergic to bleach or ammonia, to see what chemicals they contain. Make sure to use products that are safe for children and animals. The same applies to equipment for cleaning. Learn who will supply cleaning equipment.


Insurance is essential for housekeeping services. You will want to make sure that the company is properly covered so that if accidents occur you will not be liable. If you have homeowner’s insurance, and a housekeeper falls while cleaning your stairs, the incident is not likely to be covered. The cleaning company should be responsible for and covered for accidents of employees. They must include employees, the business and your household.

housekeeping services

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