How Frequently Should You Get Cleaning Services?

housekeeping services

It never seems you have enough time to do the cleaning, and thus, it often slips behind the household chores. One way to alleviate the stress of balancing daily tasks and keeping a clean home is by hiring a cleaner. A housekeeper can help you to save time on your busy agenda. Time spent with family and friends, with pets or in pleasant hobbies. Many homemakers are asked how often they need their homes cleaned when they choose to hire home cleaning services.

Daily Cleaning

Housekeeping services work well for busy families with full days, or new parents who have no time for household work. It is typically the standard schedule Monday through Friday when you hire help to come in every day. They can easily remain on top of the full laundry, vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes and necessary cleaning and clean up under and behind areas, which are often neglected.

housekeeping services


The hiring of home cleaning services once a week is an excellent choice for any family that wants to ensure that their house is regularly cleaned. They will vacuum, clean all floors, dust, clean bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, and the living room. Ask them to change bed sheets and kitchen linens and fold laundry if there is enough time.


The monthly help is a great way to get your house back on track and to take on less frequently work like oven cleaning, bathrooms treatment, refrigerator wiping, and window cleaning. Every once month cleaning takes more time than most services, but it can be adapted to meet every family’s needs.

housekeeping services


Vacations and guest visits are stressful enough without wondering if your house is going to be scrutinized. It’s a great investment to hire house cleaners to help prepare for major events or company. It takes a few hours to clean occasionally and perhaps more than one cleaner. Allow your house to be prepared, so you don’t have to.

Do not worry about the budget, if you can not choose the best frequency for your needs. There are many different ways of getting your housekeeper to the best of their time. Some of these are:

  • List the essential cleaning tasks for you. This means that the most urgent items are first handled, while the less critical ones can be saved for another time.
  • Alternate the executed tasks. Consider rotating the tasks you have performed once a week if you have your housekeeper visit. For example, one week you could clean the main bathrooms, the powder room, and the next, the kitchen, guest bathroom, etc.

After you take these factors and your budget and timetable into consideration, it’s time to find the right housekeeping services in OKC. Call us at Home Maid Better and you will be connected to a qualified housekeeping service to clean your home.