How to Arrange a Good Move Out Cleaning?

Are you moving out of the house you were living in? If you are planning to move out, then you should know the tricks to cleaning the house properly. If you were a tenant, a well-cleaned home will help you to get a reference from your landlord and if you want to sell a home, it being clean will help you to receive the best price. We know there are lots of other things to look after; cleaning might seem like a burden. But this should be your priority; otherwise, you will get hassles in the future. Moreover, it is a good gesture to handover the keys of a clean home to the new residents. In conclusion, learn how a move out cleaning service can help you to arrange a spotless move out ready home.

Pack First

You should not attempt cleaning until you are done with packing. Having stuff scattered here and there will stop you from making a full proof plan and things could turn chaotic. Remove all knick-knacks lying on the floor and start cleaning thereafter.

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Move Boxes

Ask your packers and movers to place all the boxes in one room and to collect them from there when transporting. Therefore, you can start cleaning the other rooms in your house and do not need to wait until the house is completely empty. It will save you a lot of time.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Ask your move out cleaning service to start cleaning from top to bottom. There could be dust, cobwebs and other things which will fall to the floor while cleaning. So, it is better to clean the floor later after cleaning every wall and ceiling. You can use a ladder or long-handled duster to clean higher parts of the room.

Windows and Doormats

Wipe down window frames and door frames after removing the curtains. It will take time to make the glass spark and brighten up the frames.


This room will take more time than any other. Remove all oil stains and grease from cabinets, walls, windows and the sink. Sanitize this area well before leaving.

Scrub the House

Before leaving ask the move out cleaning service professionals to scrub the entire house. This is the second to last round of cleaning to make the house truly spick and span.

The Bathroom

This is the final lap. Clean and sanitize the bathroom. The cleaners and other people assisting you to move out need to use the bathroom, therefore, ask them to clean it last. Of course, it will be filthy but cleaners will make it glow again.

You can hire Home Maid Better as your move out cleaning service provider to clean your home. There is nothing better than a professional hand to clean your house when you are preparing to leave.