How to Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling Clean?

bathroom cleaning

How amazing would it be if our bathrooms remained squeaky clean every day?! You’d never have to face the horror of surprise visitors asking to use a dirty bathroom ever again! What’s more, you can experience the daily joys of showering (and doing other stuff) in a clean, sanitary bathroom.

Initially, you may wonder how to make this dream a reality. Well, when you think about bathroom cleaning, three major components need daily attention; the floor, sink and toilet bowl. The rest of your bathroom can be cleaned twice a week or as and when needed. Now, without wasting any more time, we’re going to share three excellent cleaning tips that will help you maintain a sparkling clean bathroom on a daily basis!


Easy Steps to Do Bathroom Tips

1. Stain-Free Tiles!

Keeping your tiles clean can be rather difficult because people walk in and out of the bathroom several times during the day; however, you should know that the main reason behind marked and stained tiles is caused by water left on the surface. While keeping your bathroom floors dry at all times is not possible, there are a couple of things you can do to keep them dry for the most part. For example, after a shower, rinse off the floor and squeegee the water into the drain. It also helps to increase ventilation by keeping the window and door open so that the floor dries up faster. Apart from this, spot cleaning marks on the floor are much better than wetting the entire surface. Just spritz a stain or mark with a small amount of floor cleaner and brush or mop it away.


2. Toilet Bowl Cleaning

While your toilet bowl needs regular deep cleaning, practicing some daily cleaning habits would mean spending much less time and effort when it’s time for a deep cleanse. The trick here is to use self-cleaning products so that you don’t have much to do where scrubbing is concerned. Choose an acidic cleaner to pour into the bowl and leave it overnight. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaner it will be in the morning. The acid content eats into stains while the leftover marks can be brushed away in the morning using minimal effort. By doing this nightly, your bowl will remain stainless on a daily basis!


3. Quick Sink Scrub Down

The bathroom sink is prone to soap scum, toothpaste stains, water marks and grime and dirt; hence, daily cleaning is a must. This, however, does not have to be time-consuming or involve a lot of effort. Here’s what we do; using a mixture of water and white vinegar (or a regular store-bought cleaner), pour some of it onto a slightly abrasive sponge and give the sink a quick wipe down. Rinse it off with a mug of water and voila! Your sink is clean and sanitary! Vinegar acts as a germ-killer while adding a little lemon juice into your homemade solution can provide a refreshing fragrance. Use this cleaning method every morning after you brush your teeth and your sink will remain spotless for the rest of the day!