Let’s Collect Some House Cleaning Hacks

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Home cleaning hacks are not lacking, and we are sure that you find the portion of hacks that are less than inspiring, from lists to videos and tutorials. That is why, for your kitchen, bathroom, living, bedroom, and laundry room, we picked five of the best cleaning hacks. We wanted to show you ways that work tremendously well or that deal with areas that can be neglected. These life hacks for cleaning are field-tested practical solutions for cleaning that always do the job correctly.


Doormats easily trap dirt, keep two doormats – one is outside, and one is inside the home. This is especially helpful for the cold season when you wear salty and snowy boots. Do not forget to clean mats regularly as part of your house cleaning services unless it is quite messy.

Task Combination

Try to do two similar tasks of cleaning at the same time. For example, you can clean your baseboards while vacuuming or washing floors or clean up blinds.

house cleaning okc

A Bucket Is Not Necessary

Sometimes moving with a wet mop and bucket could be messy as it has dirty water. It is better to avoid it.

Stock Products

You should not use bathroom cleaning products to clean mirrors. The right products will always help you to clean efficiently like good house cleaning services.

house cleaning okc

Dish Brush

Good house cleaning in OKC uses a dish brush in the shower to remove difficult marks and scale. You can also use a dishwasher fluid to scrub the shower.

house cleaning okc


Vacuuming a room in the right way is important, our professionals of house cleaning in OKC clean up room first horizontally then vertically to ensure every dirt particle is removed. Come to Home Maid better for house cleaning services. We will help you with your residential deep cleaning.