Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Home

Residential Cleaning Services

You have one day off each week, and this is your “me time.” You certainly do not want to spend the entire day in a dirty home. But dust accumulation is a thing that you cannot control. How can you ward off this problem? As cleaning is directly linked with personal hygiene, it cannot be overlooked. The residential cleaning services offered by Home Maid Better provide the best defense against germ spread and ensure the well-being of you and your family. A tidy and uncluttered home keeps the doctor away, and therefore, you should always pay heed to this chore.

What Proper House Cleaning Involves

  • The furniture tops including tables, chairs, kitchen workstations are most likely to accumulate dust and dirt. You can search for DIYs online to give a shine to your furniture. Those tutorials often suggest using natural ingredients including vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda. To improve the overall interior of your home, you should clean the windows, doors and mirrors as well.
  • What about the floors? The carpets accumulate a lot of dust. While cleaning, you should fold the carpets to clean underneath them, and do not forget the areas beneath the furniture. Using a wet mop, you can clean the entire floor to prevent germ and debris buildup.
  • The curtains and beds are impressions of the home. You buy them based on the fabric quality, design and of course affordability. Then how could you forget them after installing them or making the bed? Timely cleaning of bedsheets and curtains not only improves the longevity but also keeps the home attractive.
  • When you are giving your house a through cleaning, the kitchen is the place that needs maximum attention. The cooktop and cabinets can get greasy and oily over time. Bits of food in the corner can invite germs. The sink basin needs to be cleaned well, as it is the place where we generally wash dishes and drain waste. Bear in mind that the kitchen needs to be cleaned using non-toxic home remedies or professional cleaning agents.
  • The bathroom is the place of the home that we generally do not forget to clean. But do we always do it correctly? From the toilet seat to the bathtub or shower, everything needs close attention; otherwise, it may turn into a nest of germs. Mold, mildew, soap scum and even yellow stains on the wall should be scrubbed away. Using a disinfectant, you should make the bathroom squeaky clean and stop it from giving birth to diseases and illness.
  • Once you have cleaned the house, there will likely be waste to deal with. You should separate the waste into different categories, including solid and dry, recyclable, organic, inorganic, wet, hazardous, etc. Keep them in separate bins and place them outside for the trash collectors.

If all these tasks sound tedious to you, hiring professional services for house cleaning in Edmond, OK, is the choice for you. Relax and call Home Maid Better to get a sparkling home.

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