Yukon, OK Spring Cleaning Tips to Involve the Whole Family

Yukon, OK
Yukon OK

March 20th marks the official end of winter, and this is a time for renewal. When it comes to your home, this can be a great time to give yours a makeover by getting some spring cleaning underway. If you’re ready to give your Yukon, OK home a thorough cleaning, employ the help of the whole family with these helpful tips!

  1. Involving Young Kids

It can be easy to overlook your youngsters as you assign housecleaning duties. However, according to Harvard University, there are sensitive periods in young children’s neural development that allows them to more easily acquire new skills. When you get them involved in cleaning, you can teach them how to effectively keep their living space tidy, a life skill that can follow them for life. Just a few ideas of tasks you can have kids as young as four-years-old take on include:

  • Beating rugs
  • Scrubbing the sink
  • Taking out the trash
  • Assisting you as you remove expired food from the cabinets

It can prove helpful when you work together with your child so they can learn through watching you. This positive interaction with their parents at a young age can give children a positive outlook on cleaning for years to come. Not only can they offer a helping hand, but they will be learning skills everyone can benefit from later.

  1. Involving Older Kids

While part of the struggle with involving younger kids in spring cleaning is ensuring they are able to successfully execute the job, older kids come with their own set of challenges. Most notably is the fact that, by their teen years, kids often tend to tune out when they hear adult voices. Communication is key, and just a few tips you can employ to ensure everyone is on board include:

  • Listen to their suggestions
  • Pay close attention to the use of negative words and tones
  • Present challenges with positive reinforcement for proper execution
  1. Involving the Couch Potato

Most families have a couch potato or two, and it can be difficult to convince them to get involved in spring cleaning activities. However, there are a few things you can do to get them more motivated to get in on the action. For starters, determine that computers, cell phones, and televisions will be turned off during “cleaning time.” However, allow for upbeat music to be played, and allow everyone a chance to stream their own playlist. You should also offer motivation for a job well done. Rewards such as dinner and a movie after a hard day’s work can put everyone in the mood to get the job done as well as bring the family closer together.

A Great Start for the New Season

As the trees bud and flowers bloom, now is a great time to employ the right housecleaning tips by https://cleanlymaids.com to make the task easier in Yukon, OK. Everybody in the home contributes to clutter and mess, and it only makes sense that everyone should get involved in getting the home back into proper order. However, if you feel yours could still look a little better, we’re here to help. Our staff is equipped with the tools and experience to make your home shine, and we can help you apply the finishing touches.

Ready for a clean even your mother- in-law will notice?


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