Move in Cleaning Service: Why and How?

After purchasing a home, you should go through a deep cleaning process before you finally move in. No matter how sparkling your house may look, you should hire a move in cleaning service to disinfect the area without leaving any corner. The tenants used to live before may have cleaned the home for you, but you never know if there are still bacteria left there. Your younger ones and the pets may be allergic to those and end up falling sick. Therefore, to avoid such possible situations, deep cleaning is needed before shifting to your new home.

move in cleaning

You are going to get deep cleaning services for this purpose, but you should know the processes that the experts follow to make your home literally clean and germ-free. Here are some of the processes the reputed service providers follow:

  • The cleaning process maintains certain rules. The first is the cleaning that should be done from top to bottom. It is required to clean the place from the roof and bring all to the floor so that they can be washed out altogether. If it is done otherwise, it will take more time and efforts also. The amateurs but not the professionals would make such mistakes.
  • The kitchen and the bathroom are the most potential places for germs and bacteria growth. If not cleaned regularly, these places can affect your entire home badly. While cleaning the kitchen, the professionals make sure to free it from the grease, grime, dust and germs with the required equipment and products. The refrigerator, the hob and oven, the cabinets of the kitchen, countertops and all the remaining appliances should be disinfected and cleaned properly. The sink is also included in it without any fail. Ask the move in cleaning service provider to use chlorine-free bleach as the cleaning product as it will clean the appliances without discoloring.
  • Along with the toilet seats, sink, bathtubs and drains, make sure the cleaning does not skip the faucets, switches, door and windows as well. After cleaning the floor and the rest of the parts with the cleaning product, the disinfectant spray is a must for no further trouble.
  • In this flow, also ask your cleaners to clean the attic, basement, the cupboards, picture rails, radiators and all other things that are overlooked often.

move in cleaning service

It is about your family safety, so don’t forget to make the entire place completely free from germs. It is not only about the look of the house, but also about the health of the members. Call Home Maid Better and get all deep cleaning services at an affordable package.