Myths Are Debunked – It Is Home Cleaning Service This Time

Everyone has their favorite tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning up the house; some are from house-cleaners. Whether they’re from your family or collected from Pinterest, there are many different ideas of what works best. Some of the most common cleaning myths house cleaners have heard from facts about vinegar or the truth about your washing machine. Here are some myths busted by professional house cleaning service providers.

Bleach Is the Best Cleaner: Although the smell of bleach is associated with clean, this myth of cleaning isn’t true. Bleach doesn’t clean at all. It can disinfect, kill germs and whiten stains, but doesn’t remove dirt from surfaces. So if you want to whiten your shirt or eliminate the bacteria from your sink, you can use bleach.

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Vinegar –A ‘jack of all trades’: Vinegar is so fabulous. This trusted item deserves a special place in your house for all kinds of different uses. Unfortunately, you should not clean everything you own with this primary kitchen product. While the cleaning of walls, bathrooms or dishes is possible with much vinegar; it may not have as many roles as some homeowners think about it. The cleaning of hardwood, marble, stone finishes and wax floorings should never be done with it because vinegar can cause discoloration. Talk to your professional house cleaning service to learn what types of treatments are effective.

Always Polish Wood: You should sparingly polish when shiny floors and furniture are desirable. The majority of wood furniture sold today on the market need not be polished. Usually, it can make your furniture look more dull, to create a film, that can be hard to remove. Try using it not more than once a week.

The Washer Doesn’t Need a Clean-up: Dirty germs can linger between loads in your washer. The weekly cleaning of your washer can contribute to reducing germs spread. Run the washing machine warm with a little bleach to remove unwanted germs. The germ spread also can be halted if damp clothes are not left in the washer for long periods.

Lemon and Coffee = Fresh and Clean Garbage Bin: Lemons make the kitchen smell great, but they don’t clean the waste. House cleaners can make a fresh fragrance with lemon. A different story is grounded coffee. If you have a septic system, they can wreak havoc on your plumbing and cause damage. They were even listed as one of seven foodstuffs that you should never put down the garbage disposal.

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