New Year Party Is Over, Let’s Clean Home

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Hope you have enjoyed Christmas and New Year to the fullest. What about your home? Is it doing fine? Well, after a recent party, you can’t expect your home to be all clean and uncluttered. But you can’t lie idle as the home is in a mess right now. Hence, before the New Year comes with its freshness, it is your responsibility to keep your home ready beforehand for welcoming it.

Don’t be perplexed thinking where to start and how to; we are here to ease your job. Apart from the tips, hire our professional cleaning service for residence to spare yourself from all the hassle.

Entrances, Hallways and Staircases

While keeping the rooms clean, many people store the items in the stairs or at the sides of the hallways. This is a bad practice and you should store the items only at the proper place. The storage tubs are great options for storing things like shoes, scarves, gloves and many other things that you may need every day. Many people use storage benches that incorporate storage facility as well as the seating arrangement. To soak majority of mud and dirt, it is better to keep a doormat. The key hooks are useful to find the keys and also it keeps the place look uncluttered.

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Bedroom and Wardrobes

More than dust and dirt, the things which make the bedroom look untidy are the displaced things. No matter whether you have only adults at your home or children, if the habit of keeping things in place is not practiced, you can never keep your bedroom and wardrobes clean. The toys, clothing and other things should be there in the scheduled places. The excess things can be donated to make space for the new ones. Or wardrobe, dividers should be put for the weekend outfits, uniforms etc. When it is summer, the winter clothing should be in storage and vice versa to avoid a mess.


Bathrooms are most vulnerable to germ invasion and virus infection. To avoid these things, you should perform a deep cleaning from the cleaning service provider for residence to keep away the potential problems. The bathroom items should be kept in their places. The deep cleaning should include the shower heads, sinks, toilets, and cabinets, faucets, hanging rods, floor and everything else. Don’t forget to get the laundry hamper with a lid and change the curtains as well.


This is another place that accumulates dust and dirt a lot. The oil and grease, food crumbs, leftovers everything can invite germs. While processing cleaning after New Year celebrations, you should clean all the appliances, drawers, cutleries, utensils and garbage bin everything else. Change the hand towels, garbage bag and keep everything fresh.

The residence cleaning service can make your job easy and without harming the environment, you will be able to clean your home and make it ready for the New Year. Come to us at Home Maid Better and get the best service at a reasonable price.

Happy New Year!!