Oklahoma City, OK Severe Weather Housekeeping Tips

Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City OK

It felt like spring started several weeks back with unseasonably warm temperatures, and we have already experienced weather that’s reminiscent of the severe weather we typically see in April or May. However, now that March is upon us, we have officially entered tornado season, and anyone who has lived in the area for some time knows that there is cause for concern.

Much of our time spent cleaning is done in an attempt to restore order in our homes as well as maintain proper organization. However, it can be easy to overlook your storm shelter or designated refuge area. There are a few tips you should follow to best ensure you’re prepared for the worst of what Oklahoma City, OK weather has to offer.

  1. Pay Close Attention to Clutter

When the tornado sirens sound, things get highly stressful, and your entire family will retreat to your shelter area. Whether this is a closet, storm shelter or basement, it’s crucial that you ensure there isn’t excessive clutter along the path there or in the area itself.

Every second count in these situations, and now’s a great time to address these issues. Not only can this reduce your chances of encountering problems getting to your shelter, but it can also prevent unnecessary dangerous debris in the event your home is struck.

  1. Create Preparation Station on the Way to Storm Shelter

If you have a storm shelter, you have a great advantage that can significantly increase your chances of survival. However, if yours is located outside, it can take a minute or two for everyone to get in. Unfortunately, high winds, hail, and tornadoes often won’t wait for you to get there.

Near the door where you’ll be exiting the home, you should create a preparation station. Just a few things to include in this area are:

  • A comfortable pair of shoes for each family member
  • Jacket for each family member
  • Bicycle helmet for each family member
  • A leash for pets
  1. Properly Equip Your Shelter or Refuge Area

We all hope we don’t have to utilize our shelter areas, but the fact remains that we will, in all likelihood, at least experience alarms during the upcoming season. In the event of a tornado, you could find yourself stuck in your refuge area until help arrives. Therefore, you should take some time to get your area prepared. Just a few things you should store in your shelter now include:

  • One gallon of water per person
  • Weather radio
  • Nonperishable food items along with a can opener and some disposable plates, bowls, and utensils
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Phone charger

An Ounce of Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and now’s the time to prepare for potentially severe weather on the horizon. Oklahoma City, OK experiences more tornado touchdowns than any other city in the country, and the results can be devastating. Whether you’re preparing to embark on spring cleaning or otherwise just want to make sure you’re ready for anything, these tips can give you that peace-of-mind you need.

For more helpful housekeeping tips or to see how we can help keep your house looking like a home, contact us today.

We especially want to thank our 604 Maids for their support during the upcoming storm season.

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