Purge Your Home and Cut Regular Cleaning in Half

We’ve all been there. You spend a whole day out of your weekend to get the house looking great. However, after just a day or two, it seems things are right back where they started. While it’s impossible to completely avoid messes, you can cut down on house cleaning okc by a significant amount when you take the time to purge your home of unnecessary clutter. Let’s go through a step-by-step process that, when followed, can help you keep your home looking great with little time spent cleaning.

Books and Clothes

Books and clothes are a great category in which to start your purge. Have everyone in the home get together and spend as much time as necessary to honestly examine every article of clothing and all books in the home. Most books can be eliminated. If you’ve been telling yourself you’ll read it someday or have already finished it, it has served its purpose in your life. You can always find it at your local library if you want to revisit.


This can get a little tricky, but much of the paperwork you have filed away doesn’t really serve much of a purpose. Take time to go through all your files. If you find you’re keeping paperwork that could be stored on your computer, take the time to reach out for a digital file or scan and save the information on your computer. If you ever need a hard copy, all you need to do is print.


If you’re like me, you probably have a trunk, bag, or other types of a stockpile of memorabilia you’ve kept through the years. Although you tell yourself you’ll revisit this stuff in some future nostalgic moment, someday rarely comes. Your loved ones are then left to sort through it all when your time comes.

When it comes to large photo albums, consider scanning all the pictures and putting them on a digital picture frame. This way, you’ll have all of your pictures backed up on your computer, and you’ll get to see much more of your precious memories as they roll continuously on your picture frame.

Tip: You may want to have a trusted friend or family member help you go through memorabilia to help you take an honest inventory of the importance of these items. Brought to you by Utah Maid Service.

The Beauty of Having a Spot for Everything

When you’re done following these steps, something magical happens. Everything has a place where it belongs. Things that never really fit in or just don’t get used are eliminated, thus eliminating the need to keep them put up. I implemented this process in my own life, and I now have more space and peace-of-mind in my home after removing an astounding 21 trash bags of unnecessary items from my home. It can be difficult to part with things from the past, but, when they are no longer in sight, you’ll be surprised at how little you really miss them.

Some clutter buildup is larger than others. If you have quite a mess on your hands and aren’t quite sure how to get started on your purge, reach out and take advantage of our professional house cleaning okc services. Our staff can help you get started on getting the home clean so you can more effectively eliminate what’s not needed. You can also enjoy helpful tips to make the most of your clutter purge.