Removing Handprints from a Wall – How and When?

The first canvas your child gets is the walls of your house. They usually paint ‘abstract arts’ on the walls. Though we barely understand what they are drawing for them, it is the best way to show their artistic nature and express thoughts. Do not restrict them from creating this magic on the wall, you should not put a barrier on their imagination and let their thoughts run free. On the other hand, kids are not the only ones who paint the walls; sometimes we adults are also responsible for staining them. Touching the walls with dirty palms, touching the kitchen wall when your hands are oily or have turmeric and other colorful spices, can all make handprints that completely go against the aesthetic appeal of the home. Generally, these unsightly handprints are found around the switches, door locks, corridors or other frequently visited places. Upon hiring residential cleaning services, show them such marks around the house for proper cleaning. What you can do to prevent such handprints on the wall is to be conscious. If the damage is already done, leave it for a professional house cleaning service.

professional house cleaning

Every wall is not clean proof; therefore, you may discolor the wall or harm the texture. Without having the right knowledge to clean the wall, you can make the condition worse than before. To clean the wall successfully and deal with various types of handprints, you should play it smart and know how it can be completely removed. Next time you are renovating your home or painting, be sure to use wash proof colors and ask house contractors to do the same.

Once you hire a professional house cleaning service, they will closely look at the paint type and then start cleaning. If it is a satin finish, a light but right scrubbing is enough. A semi-gloss similar to satin finish also does not need much effort. Harsh scrubbing can completely spoil the texture; moreover, the technique of scrubbing is best known by a professional. For a matte finish, it is important to do a thorough cleaning. This kind of paint easily attracts dirt and dust and requires a extra attention. If you have an eggshell finish, it should be stain-free but as a part of regular maintenance, you should clean it anyway.

Always be gentle with the walls, a little ignorance can cost a lot, you may end up having to repaint everything. Additionally, be careful about the detergents or cleaners that are being used.

residential cleaning services

Once you call residential cleaning services, they will come well-equipped. But you do your part. Prepare some tools in case they need them in an emergency. The preparation list includes-

  • Detergent i.e. environment-friendly.
  • Duster, cleaning cloths and sponge. These should be soft.
  • Ample amounts of hot and cold water.
  • A dryer.
  • Vacuum cleaner.

Additionally, if there is a small stain on the wall, you can try to do it on your own, but a small mistake could be harmful. While dealing with bigger stains on the wall, it is always advised to call a professional service. If you are residing in Oklahoma City, do not hesitate and call Home Maid Better for professional services.