Schedule House Cleaning Service – How To

Keeping home clean and out of mess is a tedious job and very few of us can do it effortlessly. Clothes on the couch, dusty carpet, stain on toilet etc. Dishwasher and piled up utensils in the kitchen sink are very unsightly and after a hectic day at office, we may get perplexed seeing all these. That is why you should make a monthly cleaning service that follows a schedule to clean the house efficiently.

recurring maid service

Scheduling the cleaning service helps to break the difficult task in different parts and following the routine one can clean home is less time. Basically scheduling recurring maid service, you can have daily, weekly or monthly plans according to which the service providers will clean up your home.

The Master Plan

  • The daily cleaning is for cleaning kitchen regularly, washing clothes, making beds, to some extent, cleaning the bathroom etc.
  • Weekly cleaning service comprises of bathroom and kitchen floor scrubbing, mirror cleaning, wiring furniture, disinfecting the kitchen appliances and bathroom appliances etc.
  • A monthly cleaning service intends to clean windows, doors, patio, porch, blinds, light fixtures like a chandelier, vacuum vents etc.
  • The quarterly cleaning is for refrigerator, microwave, carpet, curtain liner etc.
  • With the yearly cleaning service, you can clean up exhaust fan, chimney, fireplace, upholstery etc.

monthly cleaning service

Decide the Schedule – What Works for You

A recurring maid service might have their plan or routine to clean your home. But your preference and needs always come first. Before deciding on a cleaning service, have a discussion with the service providers. If you, your family members or even your pet is allergic to any material or component, ask them to avoid any cleaner containing that component.

You can ask to schedule the service as per your routine and mention the specific time. In certain cases, like in an emergency, you can ask them to re-schedule. Weekly cleaning services are a little trickier but the house really needs it. You can even break the weekly service in different days and use it as a daily service.

Quarterly and yearly services are mostly for the occasions, parties, events etc. for an example, before Christmas, everyone likes to clean up the home. Even if there is no celebratory event, you can opt for these schedules.

If you want to plan the cleaning service at your home, call Home Maid Better. They are always just one call away and you will get all the facilities and services that you expect from a cleaning service provider.