Spring Time Cleaning – Keep Your Home Allergens-Free

It’s time to start to think of cleaning your home in the spring. Spring cleaning, especially if you are an allergy sufferer, is vital for everyone. You must have a home cleaning that’s more than a light dusting for yourself and your family. Moreover, the cleaning of your home doesn’t have to be dreaded. Follow our top ten tips on spring cleaning:

Planning Is Important

Scope out the areas where the most work is required. When you do your usual clean up routine, where do you skip? That’s the best starting place. Wherever you or your cleaning services in start, it will continue to focus you on the task when you tackle each room.

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  • Remove unnecessary items: Everyone has things piled up on a chair or hidden wherever they belong. Dedicate these things to the basket, so that they can be returned to their proper place.
  • Fix or repair: Breaking things is part of life, but it shouldn’t be kept hidden for years. Put these items in the fix or repair basket and prioritize fixing them as soon as possible.
  • Donation: items in good shape or that can be fixed should be placed in the donation box. Somebody out there can always use it if you can’t. Remember that some junk can be repurposed.
  • Trash: Get rid of things that you haven’t used or know you’re never going to use and throw away immediately to make space. The trash basket should go out straight after you’re done.
  • Recycle: Throw items into that basket so you can recycle them as long as you have time. Avoid re-piling up items you’re not going to use to save room. Recall that recycling is good for the economy, reduces energy use and waste disposal.

Arrange It in Order

Arranging things in order makes you more efficient and organizes you. Moreover, though, clutter influences our psychology. It indicates that work is not completed to your brain. Studies have revealed that a disorganized house increases your stress level.

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Use Vacuum Cleaner

It is the best tool the cleaning services in OKC arm themselves with for spring cleaning. Using a HEPA vacuum cleaner, dirt and dust along with allergens and impurities are removed from your air. The proper vacuum is one of the important elements of spring cleaning that eliminates dust and accumulation when you vacuum.

Clean the ‘Top’ First

It is important to start from the ceiling when you think about how to clean your home at springtime. This forces waste downwards and prevent your space from re-staining or re-cleaning. If you have an extension pitch vacuum, use it first to get dust from your upper surfaces, shelves and fans.

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Go Green While Cleaning

Good cleaning services in OKC do not expose you to harmful chemical substances and toxins. You want to begin spring on a clean note. A steam cleaner can be used for cleaning up your microwave, toilets, floors, kitchen equipment, carpet, and even other outdoor areas.

The Cleaning Day Focus

  • Carpet– if your rugs or carpeted floors need to be cleaned or if you want someone to do it all, maybe consider carpet cleaners.

  • Dust– Focus on removing all the dust first when cleaning so that your cleaning will not be undone by settling dust.

  • Furniture– Don’t forget any cushions or upholstery, as that should also be cleaned. Get cleaned curtains, clean the furniture, and wash floor mats.

  • Walls– Don’t forget to clean the ceilings and walls with a general household cleaner. It should be aimed at cleaning areas that you often ignore to make your entire home feel new.

  • Kitchen– Wipe your cabinets. Go through the fridge and cupboard. Wipe the shelves down and discard all old items. Make sure you use gentle cleaners for avoiding scratching and other problems when you have stainless steel equipment.

  • Bathroom– Change your curtain for the bathroom. Go over and discard any expired products in your cosmetic drawer or medicine cabinet.

If you are looking for a reputable cleaning service in OKC, you should come to us at Home Maid Better. Our professional and efficient team will help you unclutter, organize and thoroughly clean your home so you can easily keep all the allergens away and start fresh this spring.