Ten Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Hiring a commercial cleaning company can be mutually beneficial for your business and the company you choose. The market is flooded with companies that offer commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City, and picking one among them is really a daunting task. Although these companies may make many boasts about their services, this blog post brings you ten simple questions to ask the experts when you decide to hire a commercial cleaning service. The questions chalked out below will surely help you get along with the process easily and with comfort.

How much experience do you have in the field, and what accounts do you serve with businesses like mine?

The answer to this simple question can easily give you a pretty good idea about the experience and expertise of the company. This will help you gain information regarding the past dealings of the company, which is clearly a reflection of the prospects it holds for the future. Enthusiasm surely counts, but experienced companies are mostly good at their job. In this way, you can be assured of hiring the company that has greater potential.

What is the process by which you recruit your employees?

Commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City employ people after a detailed and careful process of examination. This includes proper checking of employee habits regarding drug use as well as verification of their backgrounds for any criminal cases. This question will ensure your home and office stay in safe hands during the overall process of cleaning.

How do you train your employees?

Any organization, including commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City, will undertake a proper channel of imparting quality training in the relevant field. This ultimately guarantees greater efficiency and faster service. In short, it gives you real peace of mind.

What do you do to motivate and manage your employees?

A successful housekeeping business surely rests upon ample motivation and team spirit among the members working in the team. Thus a good company providing commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City should have appropriate and innovative training programs to boost esteem and cooperation among employees.

Do you have provisions for insurance?

The company assets as well as the client belongings should be well insured to minimize the chances of loss and damage. While choosing a commercial cleaning service in Oklahoma City, you must look for the ones that not only provide insurance to you but also are themselves insured in the first place.

Do you use the same cleaners repeatedly?

It is quite common that good commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City hire good people to serve you effectively. However, you should be sure on your part to instruct clearly what your expectations and specific demands are for a particular service. In certain instances, you can have the same cleaning staff working at your place every time so that they don’t need a set of special instructions, thus paving the way for responsive cleaning.

What is your employee turnover score?

It is pretty interesting to know that companies with comparatively lower employee turnover provide more efficient and better quality service. Housekeeping or commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City are lower-paid service jobs that generally include the practices and systems necessary to help in keeping the best workers and thus lower the corresponding turnover.

How do you ensure quality in service along with reliability and accountability toward us?

Commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City are committed to providing great service with optimum accountability. For this, most of the companies employ technological gadgets, software programs and smart applications. Regular inspection and proper scrutiny of each and every operation leads to greater reliability and awesome quality-checking mechanisms. So if you wish to choose the best cleaning company, then you should pick out the one with greater accountability measures that really work.
eco friendly product

Do you use eco-friendly products?

This is the most important question to be answered satisfactorily by the cleaning company so that you can stay free of the guilt of ruining the environment by using harmful synthetic products. Moreover, eco-friendly tools and cleaning solutions used by commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City can assure the safety of your family and pets during the process of cleaning. In addition, eco-friendly cleaning products are biodegradable and prove less harmful in the case of accidents and spills. So you must ensure on your part that the company serving you takes care of the environment too.

Are you CIMS certified?

CIMS, or Certified Industry Management Standard, is the authorized agency that provides certification to the commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City. This certification proves the potential of the company and also makes it completely reliable and trustworthy. This certification makes it a lot easier for you to pick out the right service provider so that you can get things done in the best possible way.

On the last note, it can be concluded that when it comes to choosing from among the many commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City, you are served with limitless options. Selecting the best service provider that can offer you maximum benefits at an affordable price is certainly a choice that is up to you.