Tips for Eliminating Bathroom Odor

bathroom odor

Because they’re exposed to water and because of what they’re used for, bathrooms are ultra-prone to taking on foul odors. Over time, these odors can accumulate, resulting in an almost unbearable stench. 

This is why you have to take steps to eliminate bathroom odor. But what can you do? Quite a few things!

Without further ado, here’s how to eliminate bathroom smell. 

Scrub the Inside of Your Toilet Bowl

As time passes, the inside of a toilet bowl is bound to take on substantial amounts of residue. After enough accumulation, this residue is sure to create an odor. As such, if you want to eliminate bad smells in your bathroom, you need to scrub the inside of your toilet bowl regularly, at least once a week. 

To do this, use a toilet cleaning brush. This is a long-handled brush with a swath of hard bristles on the end. You can buy one at department stores for around $10. 

If you want to make it clean, use a toilet cleaner as well. This is a liquid substance that sits within the toilet bowl and kills existing bacteria. Allow it to sit for a few hours and then flush; the resulting smell will be a pleasant one instead of a foul one. 

Turn the Ceiling Fan on While Showering

When you turn the shower on, moisture fills the air within the bathroom. The longer the shower runs, the more moisture there will be. 

This doesn’t just turn the bathroom into a temporary steam room. It also does damage to the walls and the ceiling, leaving mold spores behind over time. 

As you might expect, these mold spores don’t smell good. The more and more they accumulate, the more odor they create. After some amount of time, this mold can create an almost unbearably musty scent. 

How do you counteract this? By making sure to turn on your ceiling fan whenever you’re taking a shower. This fan will help ventilate the moisture in the air, allowing for slower mold accumulation and fewer odors overall. 

Clean the Floors

Bathroom floors are exposed to all sorts of foul substances. Whether it is urine splashing up out of the toilet bowl or sweat from clothing that’s been flung off of someone’s body, the floor is sure to be the source of many of a bathroom’s poor aromas. 

As such, if you want your bathroom to smell nice, you must clean the floor regularly. And we’re not just talking about a swipe with a Swiffer or a mop. We mean a down-on-your-hands-and-knees deep cleaning in which you get each and every inch of your floor.

So, get under your vanity, get behind your toilet, get in the little crevices between the floor and the bathtub. Do away with all of the grime on a consistent basis and, rest assured, your bathroom will smell much better. 

Light Candles

Getting rid of the sources of bad odors is just half of the equation. If you want your bathroom to smell nice, you have to add nice smells as well. 

This is why you should light candles in your bathroom regularly. Pick a time when you know you’re going to be home and light a few scented candles. Let those scents fill the air within the bathroom and then blow the candles out before you leave your home or go to bed. 

It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it will add a bit of ambiance to your bathroom as well. There’s no reason not to do it. 

Open the Window When Possible

Does your bathroom have a window in it? If so, you should open it up as much as possible. This way, the air within your bathroom will be able to flow out, allowing for foul-smelling particles to evacuate. 

If you never do this, your bathroom will always be fighting a stuffy and musty odor. Don’t have a window in your bathroom? At the very least, make sure to keep the bathroom door open throughout the day, and then open up some windows throughout the rest of your home. 

Leave a Spray on the Toilet

Going to the bathroom doesn’t always leave the nicest smell behind. As such, to help yourself and your guests counteract that smell, you should leave a scented spray on the toilet. That way, once someone has finished their business, they can release the spray and help balance out any foul odors that may have appeared. 

Scrub the Tub

It’s not just the toilet that needs regular scrubbing. The bathtub needs regular scrubbing as well. If you don’t scrub your bathtub regularly, mold and soap mildew will build up within it, resulting in poor smells over time. 

Scrubbing your bathtub is as simple as taking a handheld brush and running it over affected areas. If you want your tub to be sparkling clean, you should use a disinfectant cleaning solution as well. This will not only kill bacteria but will also actively improve the scent of your bathroom. 

Clean Out Your Drains

Our last tip is to clean out your drains. See, drains are exposed to all sorts of residue. Much of this residue ends up sticking to the insides of the drains. 

As time passes, this residue starts rotting, thus releasing an overwhelming stench. As you might expect, this stench makes its way out of the drains and into the bathroom air. 

So, if you want your bathroom to smell nice, you need to keep those drains clean. A liquid cleaner might suffice in most cases. However, every 3 years or so, you should have your drains cleaned professionally. 

Need Help Getting Rid of Bathroom Odor?

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