Tips to Comply Move out Cleaning with Landlord’s Requirement

It is indeed exciting to move into a new home with your family despite having the tough process of shifting, unpacking and settling. Since you have been living in your old home, you still have obligations to hand over the keys to the landlord after you have undergo the move out cleaning process. The task is difficult like always, but when you can hire a move out cleaning service for the job, it won’t be that hard.

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Here are some guidelines for you pertaining to the move out cleaning process, so that you can supervise it and question the professionals if you find anything wrong.

The Cleaning List

Yes, you have to go per the list. It is possible that your landlord has provided you a cleaning list, and by completing it, you can get the deposit back. The list may vary from person to person. Read the list thoroughly so that there are no issues acquiring the deposit back. When you are going to hire a move out cleaning service, you should hand over the list to the cleaning staff and make sure it is done.

If you have an idea about the cleaning list, it will be easier for you to understand your to-do list and you can plan accordingly. Generally, the list includes:

  1. Fans and the blades.
  2. Blinds and windows.
  3. Baseboards.
  4. Carpets.
  5. Floor.
  6. Bathroom.
  7. Kitchen
  8. And many others that you may skip cleaning regularly.

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It is your responsibility as well to repair any damages before the deep cleaning process. If there is any small holes in the walls, burnt out bulbs, broken blinds, chipped paints etc. fix it immediately.

Deep cleaning is sometimes included in the list, sometimes not. But as a responsible tenant, you should follow a deep cleaning service routine. It will make the place free of all dust and dirt and all kinds of allergens and germs. Starting from the top of the house, then ending at the bottom. The cleaning of the floor should come last. Your professionals from the move out cleaning service know these things best and hiring them will make the entire process hassle-free.

There are several service providers who offer deep cleaning service at an affordable price, but you should hire a reliable one for the job. You should consult Home Maid Better and create a house cleaning contract with them for your move out cleaning service.

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