Unavoidable Areas for Move-Out Cleaning

Moving from one home to another can be such an exciting time, but we are all aware that it can be a bit stressful. All right, perhaps really stressful. First, box it all. Secure those precious things. You may hire a moving professional. The truck is loaded and driven into your new home, and then all you must do is unpack and rearrange to start your next adventure.

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Move-out Cleaning

However, this isn’t everything! When all your belongings are packed up, a thorough cleaning is necessary. While moving out of a rental, you will be expected to make the home as it was. We know that want your deposit money back that your rental company has held as surety for a long time. Alternatively, maybe you are selling and would like to give the new home buyer a good first impression.

Your best option: hire a move out cleaning service. You certainly have enough work to do, and the last thing you want to do is the cleaning. Why not provide the professional deep cleaning services with this work? The following is a checklist for move-out cleaning to ensure that every detail is cared for.


Your property manager or the new tenant will look at the kitchen first. Everyone wants to prepare and eat their meals in a clean environment. Therefore, it is imperative to leave this area perfect.

  • Ensure that any devices left are spotless and empty.

  • All surfaces must be wiped and bright. The backsplash, kitchens, all cabinets, towel racks, doors, and its buttons, knobs and light switches are included in the list.

  • The inside of the cabinets is the most ignored areas. Vacuum these areas to mitigate bugs.

  • You must scrub and dry out the kitchen sink.

  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floors.


The bathroom should be cleaned to maintain the clean and spotless vibe of your home.

  • A deep cleaning service will scrub all tile surfaces and walls, counters and mirrors of the bathrooms.

  • Tiles must be scrubbed for bath, shower, and flooring by a suitable cleaner containing bleach.

  • The toilet must be scrubbed inside and outside.

  • You must mop the floors of the bathroom.

  • The sinks in the bathroom should be cleaned with a gentle disinfectant. Deep cleaning services can help you in this case.


The bedrooms and living room require cleaning and, while not as critical for hygiene, hold the same importance as the kitchen and bathroom in terms of appearance.

  • The right window cleaner should be used for cleaning the glass, blinds and sills.

  • All AC vents should be cleaned.

  • Floors must be vacuumed, mopped and wiped.

  • Ceiling fans, furniture and walls should be cleaned without damaging the paint. The professional move out cleaning service provider can help do it right.

Be it a move in cleaning service or a move out cleaning; professional help is the best way to perform the job in the right way without any additional hassle added to the whole moving process. Call our team at Home Maid Better for a professional cleaning service in Oklahoma City.