Where have You Forgotten to Clean?

residential cleaning services

Even the novice cleaner knows that cleaning surfaces and cleaning the floors should always be included in a good job. The bathroom should never be skipped with sinks, showers, and toilets. Covers and dishes should be washed and the kitchen countertops scrubbed. Finally, vacuuming and cleaning in the living room finishes the job. But this isn’t all. Although these tasks are right for a quick pick-up, they don’t get the cleanest way to your home. This is where our residential cleaning services come in.

Bathroom Toilet and Towels

Most probably you think, in your bathroom, the dirtiest locations are the sink and toilet. Not only will we clean your sinks, counter and floors, but we will also continue to disinfect both your toilets, tubes, and showers for another step. These surfaces need more muscle for purification than any other surface.

Kitchen Appliances and Cabinets

We will follow up your counters, by loading the dishwasher and cleaning the hard floor, but we won’t stop there. We will do it again. We not only clean your appliances like in and outside the microwave and top of the range where your food has been scorched. We also clean the dishwasher and the fridge.

residential cleaning services

Do Not Forget to Clean

Coffee Maker You may get a buildup in it if you use a coffee maker every day. It is at best only with sludge and minerals. However, it can be mold and dangerous bacteria at worst.

Top Parts of All Things Have you ever got to stand on a chair to reach over a cabinet, atop the fridge or other high item’s surface and find out, it does not mean that it doesn’t get dirty just because you cannot see something. Moreover, all the stacking of the dust can adversely impact the air quality of your home. Furthermore, cleaning it off makes a difference, even from the ground; therefore, hiring house cleaning maids can be helpful.

Appliances and Furniture If the cabinets and the refrigerator, or stove get nasty on obvious spaces, you’ll remember to clean them. However, appliances and furniture also have the potential to accumulate dust, dirt, food dropping, and all kinds of other nasty things. A vacuum or duster can help to clear these gaps. Alternatively, if you can, you could use a regular mop or broom to move and clean appliances.

Rubber Seal of Fridge Door – Inadvertently, this rubber seal that maintains the cold air is also a trapping point for the crumbs and other debris. It can start feeling dirty and can also loosen the stickiness on the door, which will spoil food faster and waste more power as the fridge makes up the difference. Your house cleaning maids will be perfectly aware of these details.

Bath Mattress – Its humidity makes it a prime bacteria and mildew location. The good news is that most can be washed by a machine (be careful of the wash cycle, especially if yours has a rubber back). Make sure you regularly vacuum them too. You may also choose to wipe a wooden mat.

residential cleaning services

Call our residential cleaning services for easy and thorough cleaning for your home. At Home Maid Better we can schedule services as per your requirement; you can even book online.